3 reasons to take your child to the swimming pool

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Written by: Marco Borreca at 14 April '17 0
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You can take your child to the swimming pool from the very tender age of three months and enrol them on a useful, playful and instructive swimming course.

Many paediatricians believe swimming is the most complete sport of all, because it helps develop the muscles and bones, regulates the metabolism, and even teaches your young child how to socialise


My advice in general is to get your child involved in some sport or other, but, if you really want their body and mind to develop most effectively, the best choice is to introduce them to some sort of water activity.


Here is the reason why.

1. It helps fight obesity and a sedentary lifestyle

One of the most common problems with today’s children is that they are overweight from a very early age.

Studying at school or at home or simply sitting in front of the television is going to slow down your child’s metabolism, meaning they will inevitably put on weight, which will impact negatively on their development.

The main risk is that they will have cardiovascular problems when they are older, due to high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol. (1)

Taking your child swimming 2-3 times a week will help avoid these issues and teach them, over the years, to use their time more effectively, allowing them to concentrate more intensely on their studies for a shorter period of time and make the most of their free time.

But, remember, do not give them too much to do: just like those adults, children’s batteries run out too, so if your child is already involved in extracurricular activities or other sports, my advice is to only taken them swimming once or twice a week.

2. Getting to know your own body better

Getting your child to swim at a very early age will allow them to develop important motor characteristics that they will have for the rest of their life: first and foremost, coordination skills and balance, but also speed, strength and stamina(2)

3. The importance of socialising

Swimming is, indeed, an individual sport, but that does not mean you cannot make new friends.

I advise placing your child in the hands of a good swimming instructor, who realises the importance of being part of a group as well as having a good swim technique. An empathetic person you can trust and with whom your child will spend many hours enjoying themselves, as well as working out hard.

During my career, I have trained lots of little champions and watched them grow up and I have also seen lots of wonderful friendships blossom in the water, which have then continued “on dry land”.

A sport like swimming is genuinely character-building and, right from the start, it helps children interact with the outside world, other people and even themselves.

In my opinion, this is a sport every child should try and experience before deciding whether they really love it or will simply remember it as an interesting experience.

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Written by:

Marco Borreca

Marco Borreca was born in Milan in 1985. After his competitive swimming career, he continued his sports studies graduating from the faculty of Preventive and Adaptive Motor Sciences in Pavia. He has been working as a swimming/ fitness instructor and rehabilitation expert at various sports centres since he was very young. He mainly focuses on using water for recovering motor skills in the case of sports injuries and disabilities. He currently works for a municipal sports centre as the Head of Fitness and also works for a private practice as a kinesiologist.