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Warning: swimming is seriously good for your health!

Discover the benefits of swimming for your brain! That is what all swimmers ought to know, so if you do not swim get started right now! As well as the physical benefits …

Written by: Marco Borreca 17 October '18 0
Fitness & Wellness

Obesity, how swimming can help

One can only imagine the harmful consequences that this illness will have upon the individual that suffers from obesity. But what is it exactly? What is obesity and how common …

Written by: Marco Borreca 22 June '18 0
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Polymyalgia rheumatica: the benefits of the swimming pool

A complicated name for a troublesome disease. What is polymyalgia rheumatica? It’s an intense inflammation of the muscles in the body. It’s a problem that can make your life quite …

Written by: Marco Borreca 24 May '18 0
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Swimming as a cure for stress

Early mornings, cars, traffic, smog, computers, deadlines, queues, rushing about, shopping, delays… The list could go on for hours, but that would just make everything even more stressful. Stress is …

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Swimming is good for your heart!

Find out all the cardiovascular benefits of swimming! Swimming is the most beneficial sport of all for both your body and mind: it keeps you fit and improves your overall …

Written by: Marco Borreca 14 February '18 0
Just for Women

Rock-hard glutes thanks to swimming

Plenty of scientific research has confirmed that the top 5 “first things you look at in a woman or a man” include…. their butt! The glutes are actually a group …

Written by: Marco Borreca 19 December '17 0
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“Swimmer’s ear”: symptoms and treatment

Swimming is an excellent sport for your health with lots of both physical and mental benefits. Unfortunately, you should not swim under certain special circumstances, like for example when suffering …

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3 reasons to take your child to the swimming pool

You can take your child to the swimming pool from the very tender age of three months and enrol them on a useful, playful and instructive swimming course. Many paediatricians …

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Swimming and Asthma

Great swimmers of the past and present have suffered and still suffer from asthma, but this has not stopped them on their path to success. Asthma (i.e. chronic inflammation of …

Written by: Marco Borreca 11 November '16 0
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Swimming: age does not count!

You can exercise at any age and there are certainly no age limits on swimming at the pool. Swimming could (and should) play a significant role in counteracting the natural …

Written by: Marco Borreca 30 September '16 0