Are you always late to the swimming pool? Here’s how to optimize your time

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Time is money, and yet we often waste so much of it without realizing. You should review your schedule before, during and after the pool so you can adopt new habits to save time. After reading these simple tips you won’t have anymore excuses, and phrases like “the swimming pool takes too long”, “I can’t get swimming time in with the other commitments” or “It’s faster to go to the gym” will be a distant memory. There are some ways to optimize the time you devote to preparation and as a first rule you have to set a deadline: no more than 20 minutes for the preparatory phase. The secret is to always have a stopwatch so you can time every minute and have everything under control.

How to best organize all your accessories

The bag

Let’s start with the pool bag: instead of leaving everything inside when you get home (swimsuit, towel, bathrobe, slippers), still wet until the next time, it’s much better to empty it immediately and rinse everything inside, also for hygiene, then prepare it again the night before your workout.

Are you afraid you’ll forget your bag at home?

Put it in a strategic place, for example, in front of the entrance door, by the car or in a place that you walk by often so you can always see it. The secret to optimizing your time is to plan in advance and adopt some useful tricks so you don’t have to do everything at the last minute.

Shampoo & Co.

Other valuable advice is to put shampoo and bath soap in the pockets of your bathrobe, so you have them in hand and do not have to go through the locker room again. You can walk directly into the shower by saving precious time, perhaps jumping ahead of the line or avoiding jams. A source of joy and delight of swimmers is their hair, especially long hair. In addition to the fact that chlorine is likely to damage your hair (but here you can find valuable tips to keep your hair shiny and perfectly healthy, there is the problem of drying out, a generally long and complex process.

Consider whether you want to have an elaborate hairstyle or whether you can leave your hair natural, maybe in a ponytail, if you go home right away. You can always fix it afterwards. The important thing is that you dry your hair, especially in the colder months. Of course, the ideal solution would be to opt for a short cut, but if you don’t want to give up your long hair can save time by beginning to blot and squeeze your hair right after leaving the shower to speed up drying it with a blow dryer.

Clothing and makeup

Another important aspect to keep in mind in order to gain valuable time is that of clothing. If you go to the pool right after you leave the office you probably can’t wear a comfortable sweatsuit, but you can still choose casual, comfortable and easy-to-wear clothing.

Avoid bodysuits, stockings and tights. For example, its better a pair of jeans and a winter sweater or a lightweight dress that takes a few seconds to take off and put on in the spring-summer period. And then your swimsuit: do you want to wear it under your regular work clothes? Choose a comfortable swimsuit and once in the dressing room, undress in a blink of an eye and you will be ready to start the session immediately.

Then there is makeup: even in this case it would be better to go out without makeup on workout days, but if you just can’t stand going without your Rimmel and foundation, take advantage of your coffee break to take off your makeup so you don’t have to do it in the locker room.

These are just a few things that we thought about for all of you who are always in a hurry. And for your pre and post routine, what do you expect? We look forward to your suggestions.


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