Water fitness: now you won’t have anymore excuses not to get in the pool!

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You are reading: Water fitness: now you won’t have anymore excuses not to get in the pool!

With the term water fitness, we can group together a vast universe of activities, dynamic and fun, to do in addition to classic swimming and its 4 styles. Activities that continue to convert us, especially women, because they allow us to burn a lot of calories, tone up and lose weight, while having fun with music. In fact, with targeted exercises under the supervision of an instructor, you can train all of the muscle groups, while the tissues benefit from the powerful whirlpool, a precious ally that combats cellulite and firms up the skin.

Pedal, pedal, pedal!

hydrobikelThe hydrobike is among the most effective aquatic fitness disciplines to burn a lot of calories and stimulate blood circulation. This activity, also called water spinning, takes place on a special water bike, a type of exercise bike that pedal after pedal, will allow you to sculpt your gluteus muscles and legs in time to music and combat water retention. You can also use a float bike that does not rest on the bottom of the pool and constantly remains in equilibrium.

If you don’t know how to swim, no problem: during the hydrobike course, the water reaches your waist, however, your shoulders and head remain above the water. But what are the benefits for your physique? Your muscles become more lean and tapered, your legs, gluteus muscles and abs more sculpted and toned arms. Furthermore, training has an effect on the cardiovascular system, strengthening the heart, building resistance to fatigue and improving circulation. The benefits also have an effect on your mood, because biking stimulates the production of endorphins, the cure-all for positive thinking. And for hardened runners, there is water trekking, an aquatic treadmill that adds the draining effect of water to the benefits of running. In addition, your joints and vertical column don’t risk an overload, as it can happen on the ground.

CrossFit in the water, a high-impact workout

crossfit2It is intense training, high functional, which stimulates all of your muscles through the use of special tools: the medicine ball, floating tubes, paddles, balls, trampolines and ropes. Water CrossFit builds strength, flexibility, endurance and power, also improving balance and coordination. This type of exercise requires a group of exercises (also called circuit) that should be carried out in phases of 1-2 minutes and be repeated at least 3 times, with persistent music to energise us and help us withstand fatigue. At the pool side, you then do push ups, which have a miraculous effect on your shoulders, arms and chest (which for us women with the passing of time tends to fall and “deprive us” in part because of diets, pregnancy, lactation and menopause) while the B side is shaped with squats.

Looking for more relaxation? Try soft water exercises!

crossfitAs the name suggests, this type of water gymnastics calls for easy movements, simple, gradual and low impact. It takes place in groups, always under the supervision of an instructor, and is particularly suitable for sedentary people, the elderly or those who have suffered trauma and require a form of aquatic rehabilitation. It is an activity for everyone, that has many benefits such as the elasticity of the muscular system, relaxation of joints, improvement of breathing and motor skills and also benefits for the cardiovascular system.

Even by yourself

So you don’t want to register for a water fitness course but you still want to benefit from the effects of water to improve your appearance? No problem, you can even do it by yourself with these simple exercises:

  • Hold on to the poolside with your hands and raise a leg to the side, alternating left and right, performing 10 repetitions per leg.
  • Still facing the edge of the pool, bring your right foot to your left knee, then swing your right knee back and forth quickly 10 times and then switch legs.
  • With your back leaning against the edge of the pool, cross your legs and move them quickly like scissors 10 times, repeating this three times.

As you can see, there are many varied solutions, so prepare you swimsuit, cap and bathrobe, because now you have no more excuses: the swimming pool is waiting for you!


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