Deep Sea Diving….. IN A WHEELCHAIR!

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Written by: Emily at 10 January '13 0
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Sue Austin underwater wheelchairAfter watching a recent video on Sue Austin, I was left completely uplifted and in awe of this incredible woman, so decided to dedicate this post to her.

While many of us spend our lives worrying about what our neighbours think about us, or how expensive bread is becoming in the local supermarket, others, such as Sue are busy changing the world.

With her positive mindset, and complete love of life,  Sue wanted to communicate the joy and freedom that her wheelchair had given her, after an extended 16 year illness.

Sue recognized that many people felt sad, and took pity on wheelchair users,  seeing their lives as limited. Sue wanted to alter these preconceptions….

How? By creating an underwater wheelchair of course!

She accepted that scuba gear extends your range of activity in just the same way as a wheelchair does, only scuba gear is associated with excitement and adventure, rather than limitation…

In 2005 Sue made her very first dive!

Upon seeing Sue in this strange Underwater wheelchair, having fun and moving in 360 degrees of space, people had to change their mindsets. They were forced to think in a new way, and to see the value of difference, joy instead of sadness and loss rather than limitation.

They saw the world with a new perspective.

Sue followed her Waterinstinct!………Do you follow yours?


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