11 Tips to a smoother and more efficient breaststroke

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Written by: Jon Rudd at 6 October '14 0
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Jon Rudd, swim coach to Olympic 100m Breaststroke Champion, Ruta Meilutyte brings us his top breaststroke tips, to help  you achieve a smoother and for efficient technique. 


Tip 1: Draw your heels up towards your bottom, but don’t let your heels pop out of the water

Tip 2: Focus on your thigh not dropping under you as it creates a lot of resistance

Tip 3: Use the inside of your calf muscle as the propulsive surface

Tip 4: Kick back and down – and squeeze up!


Tip 5: Keep your head angled so that you are looking forwards and downwards – not just forwards!

Tip 6: Imagine that you are holding a tennis ball between your chin and chest all the way through this process – and it’s not allowed to pop out!


Tip 7 – Don’t rush through this! Hold your streamlining and only go from one movement to the next when you feel a deceleration. Stay in a tight long shape and don’t look for the surface when you’re ready to swim!


Tip 8: Keep your elbows in tension at the front of your recovery

Tip 9: On your outscull, keep your hands shallow and don’t bend your elbows!

Tip 10: On your inscull, your elbows lead and should slam into the side of your ribs!


Tip 11 – The most important thing of all is for everything to work in harmony. And when your inscull has hit your ribs, your feet should be up as well, as in Tip 1!


Written by:

Jon Rudd

Jon Rudd is an Olympic Gold Medal winning coach, leading Ruta Meilutyte to the Olympic 100m Breaststroke title in London in 2012, breaking the European Record en route. Jon had four athletes compete for four different nations at the 2012 Games. Jon is an internationally renowned swimming coach who has served as the Head Coach of the Senior Great Britain team. His coaching services at international meets have been sought by various federations around the world and he has coached swimmers to success at Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European levels. He is the Head Coach ofPlymouth Leander Swimming - one of Europe's leading swimming programmes; Director of Swimming atPlymouth College, one of the world leaders in swimming and education scholarship opportunities (with an additional seven-year claim to fame in the development of 2008 Olympic medallist Cassandra Patten); and most recently, he has been appointed as the High Performance Coach for the ASA Beacon Programme, situated at the New 'Life Centre' 50m swimming facility in Plymouth. Jon’s Club Programme: www.plymouthleander.co.uk Jons School Programme: www.plymouthcollege.com Jon’s University Programmes: www.plymouth.ac.uk and www.marjon.ac.uk