Butterfly, improve your endurance!

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Written by: Nicolas Vannier at 13 October '17 0
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Swimmers often face the problem of trying to finish a 200m butterfly without living a near-death experience. These 3 drills will help you develop and increase your cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, improve your hydrodynamic position and overcome your mental limits … and maybe one day, after more and more reps, you may also swim a 3000 m butterfly!


Start with 1 butterfly movement and finish the length swimming freestyle. Continue adding 1 butterfly movement to every length until you swim a whole length of butterfly.

Drill 1: +1!

Add 1 butterfly movement every 25m

Drill 2: -1!

swim 25m butterfly and then take 1 butterfly movement out every 25m

Drill 3: Combination!

Add 1 butterfly movement every 25m until you swim a whole length of butterfly, then continue taking 1 butterfly movement out every 25 m.

2 levels : – “Easy” level: swim in a 25 m swimming pool

                  “Advanced” level: swim in a 50 m swimming pool

And remember, if one day

You swim a 200m butterfly, you’ll be a real swimmer

You swim a 400m butterfly, you’ll be a “lost” swimmer

You swim a 800m butterfly, you’ll be a warrior

You swim a 1500m butterfly, you’ll be a hero

You swim a 3000m butterfly, you’ll be a god

You swim a 5000m butterfly, you’ll be a crazy swimmer!


Written by:

Nicolas Vannier

I am a master swimmer, who learnt to swim after being inspired by taking my own children to the pool. During my youth, I spent six years as a speed skater, and later went on to enjoy biking, running, skydiving and diving (PADI Divemaster). Swimming has really complemented my sporting career, I am completely hooked on it. I love the technique, stamina , motivation, speed, power and flexibility required for it. Having invested in Club Guingamp, I have now started to photograph and film its top swimmers, in order to create underwater exercise and technique videos, which allow others (under the technical advice of trainer Erwan Jacob) to progress in this wonderful sport.