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Training & Technique

Butterfly, improve your endurance!

Swimmers often face the problem of trying to finish a 200m butterfly without living a near-death experience. These 3 drills will help you develop and increase your cardiovascular and respiratory …

Written by: Nicolas Vannier 13 October '17 0
Training & Technique

Be fast without rushing – Part Two

Butterfly & Breaststroke Turns How to improve your execution speed? Erwann Jacob, Guingamp’s coach, says: “to manage performing a quick and efficient turn, the swimmer has to learn to organize …

Written by: Nicolas Vannier 10 May '16 0
Training & Technique

Be fast without rushing – Part One

Butterfly & Breaststroke Turns The turn plays an essential role in the stroke. If well performed, it can help you gain speed on each of the transitions and therefore help …

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Training & Technique

Only for the strong

The idea behind this training session is to put yourself in a ‘pre-fatigue’ situation before each lap, simulating a race situation: 5 x 100 meter medley – 30 second rest …

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Fitness & Wellness

What is Cryotherapy and how can it help you?

“An athlete’s body adapts to recovery methods just as it does to word load. That’s why it is good to modify the means and methods as well as how often …

Written by: Nicolas Vannier 12 September '14 0
Training & Technique

Design your own 200m crazy freestyle

This programme set up by Erwan Jacob, coach of Guingamp-natation swimming club, will help you to develop your cardio-vascular and respiratory endurance, resistance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination …

Written by: Nicolas Vannier 11 July '14 0
Training & Technique

Cross Training – Only for the Brave!

Coaches are often confronted with the problem of finding time in a swimmer’s busy schedule to arrange extra physical preparation sessions, which are useful for developing the athlete’s all-round attributes. …

Written by: Nicolas Vannier 6 June '14 0