How to improve your underwater phase

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Written by: arena coaches at 18 May '20 0
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The underwater phase is swimming’s fifth stroke. To improve this aspect of your swimming, you must glide through the water with perfect coordination.

The underwater phase is considered to be a vital part of any swim stroke. What is the key to performing it properly?

The first key to a perfect underwater phase is keeping your body perfectly streamlined under the surface of the water. Keep your head between your shoulders and your arms fully extended out in front.

And then what?

After pushing off, glide under the surface of the water for a few seconds and begin to move your hips and legs without bending your back excessively.

The movement should begin from your hips and continue along your legs, coordinating your legs lift and kick. Make sure your upper body is fully extended in the right position.

Your leg kick should initially be deep and powerful, gradually speeding up with quicker. shallower movements. 

Powerfin and Powerfin Pros are an excellent means of improving your underwater phase: they will help you control your body movement and allow you to feel the water better.


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