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Written by: Nicolas Vannier at 23 November '15 0
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The idea behind this training session is to put yourself in a ‘pre-fatigue’ situation before each lap, simulating a race situation:

5 x 100 meter medley – 30 second rest after every 100 meter mark

Full exhalation followed by a 25 meter swim without breathing

10 seconds with legs upright, followed by a 25 meter swim without breathing

8 pushups out of the water (up to the belly button) followed by a 25 meter swim without breathing

10 second swim with feet tied to an elastic band followed by a 25 meter swim without breathing

To increase the difficulty, you can switch the medley order: start with freestyle, then back, breaststroke, and finally butterfly.

Full exhalation before starting allows you to swim with empty lungs, and thus to swim in hypoxia (insufficient oxygen)

Legs positioned upright mean you have to maintain a high intensity in order to remain at the water surface

Pushups out of the water are tiring, similar to the propulsive motion in swimming. Swimming in one spot stimulates the resistance.




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Written by:

Nicolas Vannier

I am a master swimmer, who learnt to swim after being inspired by taking my own children to the pool. During my youth, I spent six years as a speed skater, and later went on to enjoy biking, running, skydiving and diving (PADI Divemaster). Swimming has really complemented my sporting career, I am completely hooked on it. I love the technique, stamina , motivation, speed, power and flexibility required for it. Having invested in Club Guingamp, I have now started to photograph and film its top swimmers, in order to create underwater exercise and technique videos, which allow others (under the technical advice of trainer Erwan Jacob) to progress in this wonderful sport.