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Written by: arena coaches at 21 January '20 0
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Breathing is one of the key moments in swimming the butterfly and partly depends on your strength and fitness. 


You need to find the right breathing pattern to make your arm stroke faster and more efficient.

  • As you pull with your arms, breathe in when your body is furthest out of the water, i.e. when your arms are pushing back beyond your hips.
  • Keep your head still and look forwards.
  • As you begin your recovery after completing the pull phase, you should breathe out as your head dips back under water. Make sure your hands are always in line with your shoulders. 
  • As you breathe out your arms will be extended in front of you and your head will be facing downwards.

Some swimmers prefer to breathe every stroke, others every two strokes. This depends on how experienced you are. The important thing is to keep the right rhythm between your arm stroke and breathing.



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