Use fins to develop strength in the water!

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Using fins is the best way to improve your technique, the flexibility of your hips and strength in your legs. Extremely short fins are generally used in the pool, both when practising a complete swim stroke or when training with a float.

Using fins allows you to accentuate your leg movement to work on your quads and hamstrings. Fins allow you to swim faster using the biggest muscle groups, which means you also develop your cardiovascular system.

There are three types of Arena fins, each designed for a different purpose and different standard of swimmer.

1. Powerfin, ideal for strength training in the pool, they are recommended for experienced swimmers. They have a very unusual shape: the tip is diamond-shaped and the heel is closed and comfortable. They are particularly recommended for strength training exercises.

After a proper warmup, particularly for your legs (4/6 x 100 m kick with a float, 20” rest), try and include this set in your training:

  • 2 sets of 8×25 m fast freestyle (or backstroke or butterfly) with Powerfins, 30” rest, swimming one set with paddles and one set with closed fists. Try and control your leg kick and do not bend your knees excessively to swim faster. Swim 200 m easy between the two sets .

2. Tech Fin, the ideal choice for less experienced swimmers, who want to use fins to help them in their training sessions. These fins have a blade above the foot for maximum power transmission, ribs at the sides and an ergonomic foot pocket for a perfect fit and real freedom of movement.

Here is an extremely effective exercise for improving your swim stroke and position in the water:

  • Wearing fins, swim 200/300 m in a lateral position using only your legs with one arm extended in front of your head and the other alongside your body. Every six kicks make one freestyle arm stroke and then change sides. Try to maintain a steady and smooth leg kick for the entire set. This exercise can also be performed in sets of 4/6 x 50 m with 20” recovery.

3. Powerfin Pro is designed for more competitive swimmers. These innovatively designed fins have a sloping surface and aerodynamic slits in the bottom to allow a faster leg kick and greater control to speed up the upwards movement and allow a more powerful downward kick.

The open heel allows maximum ankle flexibility.

After a proper warmup (see above), include this set in your training:

  • 8 x 25 m fast with butterfly legs underwater @ 60”. Try and propel yourself through the water, particularly controlling both the downbeat and upbeat movements.

Swim 200 m easy at the end of this set. Finally, perform three sets x 20”/30” of vertical butterfly leg kicks. Ensure your legs move smoothly attempting to keep your upper body steady and your arms just out of the water.


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