“Strengthen your arms” with Jeanne Collonge

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Jeane Collonge is a French professional triathlete and two times Ironman champion.

I like having a long freestyle warm-up 15×100 (2 complete/2 pullbuoy/1 legs) at increasing intensity (5 laps easy, 5 laps at medium intensity, 5 laps a little more intense). I finish my warm-up with 4x (20m fast+30m easy).

After that, I have 2 “favourite” sets:

  • 20×75 with pullbuoy and hand paddles, rec. 15 secs (at pace #3, i.e. the pace of your 400m), 10×50 freestyle with rec. 1’ (1 lap at pace #3 and 1 lap pace #2).
  • 7×400 with pullbuoy and hand paddles (2 at pace #3/1 at pace #2/2 at pace #3/2 at pace #2/2 at pace #3).

Then, as I do for all my other sets, some 50m swims to help my arms recover (or to lose them for good ?)

During the recovery laps, I like using my Swim Snorkel and do some drills (doggy paddle drill, long doggy paddle drill, classic sculling, steady hands, catches, and so on…)

Of course, I do everything with my arena training tools and my arena water bottle!! ?

Jeanne Collonge


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