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How to gauge your pace: the 10×100 test

We all know that a “test” is a vital part of a training plan. A test may have various aims and purposes: to test your fitness throughout the season, gauge the …

Written by: arena coaches 7 June '18 0
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Every single swim start

Every time it’s the same old story. Both when we find ourselves on the starting blocks by the pools, both if we’re in the open water before a triathlon, the …

Written by: Valeria Molfino 16 May '18 0
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Wild swimming: discover wonderful places

With the heat and longer days, we all love spending more time in the open air, so why not swim in open waters! The so-called wild swimming is gaining more and more …

Written by: Arena 20 April '18 0
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3 Answers to the most common doubts amongst open-water swimmers

Today we’ll try to answer a series of questions that often go through the minds of open-water athletes. QUESTION #1 One of the most common questions, especially during the summer …

Written by: arena coaches 26 February '18 0
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Overcome your fear of open-water swimming!

Open-water swimming is not always easy for those used to swimming with their eyes fixed on the blue line along the bottom of the pool. So, even though the triathlon …

Written by: arena coaches 12 February '18 0
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Swimming in cold water: wild or foolish?

Cold water swimming can be dangerous if you’re not acclimatised, but if you train, your body will adapt and you may be able to enjoy health benefits. A New Year’s …

Written by: Arena 29 December '17 0
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5 rules to beat the tricksters of the open water competitions

Things don’t always go as planned. Competitions are often full of unpredicted moments, risks and unexpected episodes that disrupt the otherwise perfect competition that we’d planned so perfectly. Usually one …

Written by: Valeria Molfino 22 December '17 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Workouts for open-water swimming_Speed endurance

If you thought training for open water distances meant swimming kilometre after kilometre, then you are wrong. An extremely important aspect, not to be underrated, is speed endurance training. That …

Written by: arena coaches 12 December '17 0
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What if the water is cold? Tips for avoiding unpleasant surprises

When preparing for an open-water race, a swimmer must try and control as many factors as possible, everything from their training in the water to nutrition. Unfortunately, there is one …

Written by: arena coaches 21 November '17 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Getting to know Marc-Antoine Olivier

Getting to know Marc-Antoine Olivier Following his 10km bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Marc-Antoine Olivier confirmed that he is one of the best open water swimmers …

Written by: Arena 31 October '17 0


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