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Swimming endurance training: person swimming in open water
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4 Swimming Endurance Training Sessions for Long Distances

Long-distance swimming is a great way to put your endurance abilities to the test. Many athletes compete in distance swimming events because of the challenge these competitions provide for both …

Written by: arena coaches 15 February '22 0
Triathlon & Open Water

All about ice swimming

Hands up if you have never complained about the temperature of the water before entering the pool for training or warming up before a race. Well, icy water swimmers would …

Written by: Arena 21 December '21 0
Open water swimmer doing freestyle
Triathlon & Open Water

Safety Tips and an Open-Water Swimming Workout for Speed Endurance

Open-water swimming workouts are no longer just for those training for triathlons or a select few who get a thrill from cold-water immersion. Open water swimmers are now becoming a …

Written by: Thomas Board 17 December '21 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Overcome your fear of open-water swimming!

Open-water swimming is not always easy for those used to swimming with their eyes fixed on the black line along the bottom of the pool. So, even though the triathlon …

Written by: arena coaches 20 July '21 0
Triathlon & Open Water

You are an open-water swimmer if…

Lots of swimmers do not even know what open-water swimming is: not only do they ignore it, but even if they are familiar with it they claim that the only …

Written by: Valeria Molfino 8 June '21 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Long-distance swimming routine: mistakes to avoid during training

As we mentioned in previous articles, one of the essential parts of being a winning athlete or simply satisfied with your results is to be mentally prepared. This includes the …

Written by: Luca Borreca 3 June '21 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Open water swimming: Tips for a safe swim in the lake

If you’re thinking about going for a refreshing swim in your favourite lake this summer, keep these common-sense tips in mind to make sure you stay safe. Throughout the summer, …

Written by: Arena 19 May '21 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Triathlon: the mistakes you should not make

We have asked Jeanne Collonge, a French professional triathlete and two times Ironman champion, the mistakes  you should not make during your preparation and your triathlon race. What are the common mistakes …

Written by: Arena 19 July '18 0
Triathlon & Open Water

How to gauge your pace: the 10×100 test

We all know that a “test” is a vital part of a training plan. A test may have various aims and purposes: to test your fitness throughout the season, gauge the …

Written by: arena coaches 7 June '18 0
Triathlon & Open Water

Every single swim start

Every time it’s the same old story. Both when we find ourselves on the starting blocks by the pools, both if we’re in the open water before a triathlon, the …

Written by: Valeria Molfino 16 May '18 0