Triathlon: 3 tips for resuming training after a race

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Written by: Valeria Molfino at 29 September '17 0
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You cannot improvise your preparation for a triathlon race: it takes months of carefully structured preparation and training to complete a race without getting injured or overtraining.

And when race day comes around and you finally cross the finish line, you will feel an adrenaline rush and motivational boost that will make you want to race again.

But the next day you will wake up feeling different and probably not be so keen to put on your running shoes or get back to the pool.

So, what is the best way to resume training just after reaching your goal?

Set a new goal as soon as possible
As well as physical fatigue, mental tiredness plays a very important role in a triathlete’s life. Over months of training, a routine gradually develops around your training sessions, which calls for lots of hard work and sacrifices. If, previously, your life was organised around finding the right balance between work and leisure, you will suddenly find you have even less time for your family, partner or friends. To avoid being overwhelmed and to make sure there are more good times than bad times, set a goal for your training as soon as possible!

Push yourself even further!
There are different kinds of triathlons: sprint and super-sprint events are the daily bread of faster athletes, while endurance specialists dream of pushing their limits over Ironman distances! Trying out new distances can be very challenging and definitely an excellent excuse for resuming training.

Resume with your favourite sport
Triathlon is three sports in one and produces all-round athletes. Nevertheless, every triathlete has their favourite sport, so, with that in mind, resuming training with your favourite sport is an excellent way to get yourself back in the pool or out on the road.

Competing in a triathlon race means really pushing your boundaries, making sacrifices and devoting time (and money) to the sport. All these feelings will be extremely hard to deal with, particularly the day after a race.

But do not despair, turn these conflicting feelings into fresh motivation that will allow you to overcome even the most impossible challenges!


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Valeria Molfino

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