Not much time for training? Here are some exercises (in and out of the water) for you! Part 3

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Physical fitness and swimming training session directly by the edge of the pool for beginners and time-crunched people!

Here is our third “workout tip” for all those who can only allocate a few hours a week for training. The idea is to combine physical fitness exercises with training in the water. The benefit of this is that swimming right after performing physical exercises means your body is optimally physically prepared for swimming.

Today’s table focuses on the legs both out of the water and in the pool. These physical exercises are not ideal for people with knee problems.

If your knees or some other part of your body hurts, but you still want to do these exercises, my advice is to perform short movements so as not to overload your joints. You will need a set of fins for training in the pool.

To begin with, warm up your muscles by performing mobility exercises for both your upper and lower body.

Do a set of exercises lying on your stomach that really work your thigh muscles.

The main part of the session is a circuit of four exercises that will make you use all the muscles in your lower limbs.

In the water, we suggest alternating fast sections using your legs (with or without fins) and steady swimming in-between.

Finish with some stretching, particularly for your back and lower body.

Here is the table of exercises.

Oh, and do not be surprised if you find it harder than usual to get out of bed the next day! 🙂


  • Arm rotations: 20 forwards, right arm – 20 forwards, left arm – 20 backwards, right arm – 20 backwards, right arm – 10 forwards, both arms – 10 backwards, both arms
  • Lunges: 10 forwards, right leg – 10 forwards, left leg – 10 sideways, right leg – 10 sideways, left leg

15” exercises, 10” rest between exercises
1’ rest between sets

– Backstroke legs lying on back

– Leg raises


– Bicycle crunches


– Mountain climbers



20” for each exercise, 10” rest between exercises
1’30” rest between circuits


– Front lunges

– Calf raises (ideally standing on some sort of box)

– Side lunges


300m legs
200m easy freestyle
100 legs with fins
8×25 legs with fins, 1 hard, 1 easy, 15” rest
200 easy freestyle breathing every 3 strokes
8×25 legs, 15m hard+10m easy, 20” rest
200 backstroke
1×50 legs hard with fins
350 easy swimming, any stroke


10’ stretching


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