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Dive and turn: 2 exercises to improve your push-off

Let’s see why and, above all, how to improve your push-off when diving in and turning. As we all know, there are four different swim strokes, but over the last …

Written by: arena coaches 16 October '18 0
Training & Technique

Injuries, fatigue and prevention: how to train worry-free

Kinesio taping, cryotherapy and compression clothing. These new prevention methods can actually help you improve your sports performance. Over the last few years, there has been plenty of scientific research …

Written by: arena coaches 29 June '18 0
Training & Technique

It is just a matter of… LEGS!

Today we will be looking at how to use your legs and we will also be suggesting some specific training exercises. For adult men in particular, legs can often become …

Written by: arena coaches 19 June '18 0
Freestyle hand entry: swimmer in an Arena swim cap doing a freestyle swim
Training & Technique

Learn the correct freestyle hand position

Improve the position of your fingers during the underwater stage of your stroke. Try our exercises! How many times have you been told, “close your fingers, otherwise you won’t catch …

Written by: arena coaches 12 June '18 0
Training & Technique

What effect does lack of sleep have on performance?

Rest is a vital part of performance and is key to achieving your goals. Over the last few years, it has become increasingly obvious that the quality of an athlete’s …

Written by: arena coaches 15 May '18 0
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3 tips on how to plan an effective workout even if you don’t have much time

For amateur and master-swimmers: How to make your workout more effective. Useful tips on how to optimize a workout program. Despite the training season already started a few weeks ago, …

Written by: arena coaches 27 March '18 0
Training & Technique

Training to get active again

We have already seen that dry-land training can be useful when resuming swimming after a break, particularly when the pool is not available (Dryland training to get active again – …

Written by: arena coaches 27 February '18 0
Training & Technique

Morning training, how to go about it

“Aurora aurum in ore habet “ or, as we often hear people say, “the early bird gets the worm.” But is that what you think when the alarm goes off and …

Written by: arena coaches 22 February '18 0
Training & Technique

Dryland training to get active again

After the holidays, which you’ve most likely spent being lazy and eating, getting back into your workout routine can be quite difficult. We’re not distinguishing between winter holidays, summer vacations or …

Written by: arena coaches 16 February '18 0
Training & Technique

3 drills to improve your swim pace

Swimming at the right pace is vital for any swimmer. It does not just allow you to save energy but also to be more efficient throughout the entire forward propulsion …

Written by: arena coaches 30 January '18 0