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Flip turn drills: swimmer about to kick the pool wall
Training & Technique

Learn How to Turn: Flip Turn Drills for Faster Swimming

The flip turn is a vital swimming technique that can increase your speed and efficiency. It might seem difficult for beginners, but once you get the hang of the proper …

Written by: Harrison Howarth 11 January '22 0
A swimmer brings the top of his head out of the water while using nose plugs for swimming
Training & Technique

Nose Plugs for Swimming: All You Need to Know

When it comes to enjoying your hobby or water sport, it’s wise not to succumb to snobbery and purists. If a swimming accessory improves your results and helps you to …

Written by: Thomas Board 22 December '21 0
Swimming warm up sets: underwater shot of a swimmer wearing googles, swim cap and swimsuit
Training & Technique

Loosen Up Your Body With These Swimming Warm Up Sets

You should consider a proper warm-up as a vital piece of your swimming training. Whether before the main set of your training session, a vital heat at your race, or …

Written by: Harrison Howarth 13 December '21 0
Swimming drills for beginners: underwater shot of a person swimming in a pool
Training & Technique

9 Swimming Drills for Beginners to Improve Your Technique

So, you’ve decided to leap into the wonderful world of swimming! Whether you choose to swim in competitions, open-water events, triathlons, or you want to participate in the sport for …

Written by: Harrison Howarth 2 December '21 0
Breaststroke pull: person getting a breath while swimming
Training & Technique

Propel Yourself With a Stronger Breaststroke Pull

Breaststroke may seem like the most chilled out of all the swimming strokes. It is the go-to stroke for beginners, just behind the doggy paddle. Since it suits almost all …

Written by: Thomas Board 29 November '21 0
Backstroke start drills: swimmers doing the backstroke
Training & Technique

Use These Backstroke Start Drills to Improve Your Form

The backstroke event involves one of the more difficult starts in the sport of swimming. It’s the only swim event where you begin in the water and perform a backward …

Written by: Harrison Howarth 18 November '21 0
What to eat before a swim meet: swimmer doing the breaststroke
Training & Technique

Fuel Your Swim Performance: What to Eat Before a Swim Meet

It is common knowledge that eating nutritious food is good for your health, energy levels, and athletic performance. While you might know the basics of healthy eating, we wanted to …

Written by: Harrison Howarth 15 November '21 0
Freestyle pull: swimmer putting on goggles
Training & Technique

Update Your Training to Get a Freestyle Pull Like a Pro

For those of us that feel like we spend more time in the water than on land, swimming like an Olympian is the goal. Optimization is the key to improving …

Written by: Thomas Board 13 October '21 0
Swim training snorkel: A swimmer wearing a cap and goggles gets out of a pool
Training & Technique

Crush PRs With a Swim Training Snorkel

Do snorkels really belong in a swimming pool? Like many swimmers, you may see a snorkel as something better suited to open-water pursuits or a tool you use for a …

Written by: Thomas Board 1 October '21 0
Training & Technique

Dive and turn: 2 exercises to improve your push-off

Let’s see why and, above all, how to improve your push-off when diving in and turning. As we all know, there are four different swim strokes, but over the last …

Written by: arena coaches 16 October '18 0