Outdoor workouts for training like a pro

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We all know how important it is for both competitive and non-competitive swimmers to incorporate weight training in the gym alongside their workouts in the pool. What you do outside the pool can help swimmers of all standards make the kind of progress they are aiming for.

But not everybody has the money or opportunity to train in a well-equipped facility like a gym. If that is the case with you, here are some suggestions you will definitely find interesting.

As the weather improves, here is a set of exercises that are perfect for outdoor training.

Training out of the water is vital to get really fit for swimming.

Parks, beaches and outdoor public facilities can be turned into gyms, the important thing is to know how to make the most of everyday objects. In a park, for example, the benches can be used as steps or used for attaching TRX equipment, without forgetting all the places you can use for doing pullups and other exercises.

The following is a list of exercises divided up into different muscle groups, plus some tips about training methods incorporating these exercises.

Some of them will involve the use of equipment, like for example a mat or TRX gear, but most of them can be done without any particular training aids.


If you are outdoors, what could be better than a nice run to warm up and get your body working properly? 10 minutes running combined with occasional arm rotations for your shoulders.

Core Stability

  • Front plank

Outdoor workouts for training like a pro


  • Side plank


Exercises to strengthen your lower back


  • Press Ups

Outdoor workouts for training like a pro

  • Press-ups with your hands resting on a bench
  • Press-ups with your feet resting on a bench
  • TRX cross-overs

Outdoor workouts for training like a pro


  • Pull-ups

Outdoor workouts for training like a pro

  • TRX rowing exercises
  • Dips using a bench



  • Squats
  • Squats with TRX

Outdoor workouts for training like a pro

  • Lunges
  • Split squats with one leg resting on a bench


Outdoor workouts for training like a pro

  • Bench jumps

Choose your exercises and follow one of the following two training methods

Classic method

Perform sets of a certain number of reps varying from 5-30 (according to the difficulty of the exercise and your fitness level), with the number of sets varying from 2-5 depending on the number of exercises to be completed and the length of the training session.

Circuit Training

It is a slightly more complicated method and can be structured in various ways.

1.Decide how long to perform each exercise and how much recovery between each exercise. Perform as many reps of each exercise as possible and use your recovery time to change position from one exercise to the next.

2.Similar to the first method but choosing to perform a set number of reps (which may vary depending on the exercise you are doing).

3.Instead of doing one circuit with lots of exercises, try creating mini circuits of 3-4 exercises following one of the two methods outlined above.


Do at least 10 minutes of stretching at the end of your training session. If you happen to be on a beach, by a lake, at the seaside or near a stretch of water, finishing your training session with 20/30 minutes’ swimming would be fantastic.

Enjoy your training!

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