6 things girls do better than boys do at the pool!

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Written by: Emily at 7 March '15 0
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Olympic 100m Breaststroke Champion, Ruta Meilutyte and Jon Rudd, her coach at Plymouth Leander spill the beans on what they consider girls to do better than boys at the pool. 🙂

[Please note that this article is just for fun!]

Over to you Jon

1. Girls are more organized!
If anyone has forgotten their equipment, it’s the boys! If anyone is late for practice, it’s usually the boys. Girls genuinely balance their lives better, particularly when balancing training with school or University.

2. Girls Work Harder!
Girls work harder for longer with less rest, you can say they are a tougher kind of cardiovascular animal. Boys rely on power and strength, whereas girls depend on aerobic power and cardiovascular abilities, so when it comes to the bigger sets with more metres and higher intensity, girls tend to last a little longer than the boys.

3. Girls can outkick the boys!
Girls quite often outkick the boys during a kick set. It’s a real balance, when it comes to swimming fast, the boys tend to beat the girls as they are faster and more muscular, but when it comes to kicking, the girls can often outkick the boys.

4. Girls have a better technique!
Girls are more focused on technique and getting their stroke perfect. Boys tend to be more slap dash, like ‘yer, that will do!’.

and Ruta… 

5. Girls care more about what they eat!
Boys don’t care so much about what they eat, they are quite happy to shovel in burgers and pizzas every day!

6. Girls look better!
Girls care about what swimsuit they wear and how they look. We deal with the hardest of conditions and still manage to look good most of the time. I think having girls in the club makes the boys work harder at looking better, we’re a good influence. 🙂



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