Olympic Medalist Evgeny Korotyshkin talks Spiderman…

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Evgeny at ADN Swim Project
Evgeny at ADN Swim Project

I recently met Evgeny Korotyshkin, on a visit to the A.D.N facility in Caserta, where he currently trains.

Since joining  A.D.N Swim Project (brain child of Andrea Di Nino), Evgeny has achieved outstanding results, including a a silver medal in the 100m fly last year in London.

Together with Sergej Fesikov and Anastasia Zueva, Evgeny was busy stretching when I arrived, but stopped to greet me with a Russian sounding Buongiorno, and the traditional ‘two kiss’ greeting. It appears Evgeny has fully embraced the Italian culture.

The Russian Trio then hit the pool, and began training, taking intervals out to test some of our new products.  I watched as they swam effortlessly up and down the imposing  50m stretch, and couldn’t help but feel incredibly unfit…. The nearest I get to physical exercise these days is the steps leading up to my office.

Anyhow, once the guys had finished training I singled Evgeny out to ask him one or two questions. I didn’t completely ignore Sergej and Anastasia, but I will come back to ‘loves young dream’ at a later date.

So, Evgeny, what does it mean to be a professional swimmer?
To be a professional swimmer means to be professional in everything you do. There is no second chances, or room for mistakes! I love to swim, it’s part of me and I enjoy the opportunity it gives me to travel the world and meet new people, as well as learn more about other cultures.”

Aside from being a professional swimmer….
I love basketball and extreme sports, especially snowboarding. To relax, I like to read books, watch videos, as well as shop and go to the beach when I can. I am keen to start a business in the future, so I am always thinking about new ideas.

You never forget that you are a swimmer, but this is not just who you are.”

How do you inspire children?
“I have visited a few schools to speak with children about my life and road to success. At one school there was around 500 people, both adults and children, and I was a little bit nervous. I really liked how they listened to me, and how interested they were in my story, it helped me to fully understand the importance of helping children achieve their dreams.”

Who is your superhero?
“Spiderman! I am a huge fan of comics, and superheroes, but he is my favourite! It is all about the movement you see… I love the idea of being super and having an extra power.”

[I stop to remind him that he is infact an Olympic Silver Medalist]

So, if you were not a swimmer, what would you like to be?
“An astronaut… I really want to fly.”

You do fly Evgeny!
“Yes, but in a rocket”

 What about mum & dad?
Both my parents were swimmers, so they understand my sport well and support me greatly. They were like, Evgeny you will be a successful swimmer, it’s in your blood.”

Describe yourself in 3 words…

[Serious and funny don’t often come hand in hand, but when you meet Evgeny you can understand why]

Can you draw yourself for us Evgeny?

I watch him drawing himself, and he laughs the whole way through. He actually takes his time, paying particular attention to his arm muscles, grabbing the card back from me when he realizes he has no ears…

I can safely say that this Russian is no Karl Bryullov, but he is an extremely talented swimmer with a smile and personality the size of his home country.

Evgeny Korotyshkin is simply, larger than life…



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