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Written by: Emily at 15 August '13 0
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On Saturday, 27th July 2013,  Zimbabwe’s two-time Olympic Champion, Kirsty Coventry held a swim clinic, at the Club Sant Andreu, Barcelona.

Children had the opportunity to listen to Kirsty as she spoke about her life as a professional swimmer, as well as having the opportunity to ask her questions…. and boy did they have questions. In fact, they had so many that it was a mission to get them changed and into the waterl!

Kirsty was very hands on at the pool, giving the children pointers and advice on both their swimming style and technique. The sea of blue swim caps dispersed as Kirsty jumped (carefully) into the pool, creating  lots of laughter and noise. The kids completely adored the South African, who signed autographs for them and then hugged and kissed them all goodbye.

The kids were not the only ones to enjoy their time with Kirsty, we also loved being with her. She is a  fun, interesting and intelligent person, who has time and energy for everyone. Whilst in Barcelona, Kirsty announced that she would compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio!  This will be her fifth Olympics, and we are proud to enter into it with her.

Following her recent marriage to Tyrone Seward, the future is looking exceptionally bright for the Zimbabwean Queen!



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