How not to treat an arena swim cap! Caught in the Stretch!

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Written by: Emily at 7 December '14 0
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Whilst we love our arena champions, we can’t help but think that they abuse their swim caps.

Our top offender is Swedish Beauty Sarah Sjostrom. Sarah won the women’s 100m Fly  here in Doha but rather than the standard smashing of water or punching at the air, Sarah celebrated by stretching her swim cap to its limits! Shame on you Sarah!


Next we have our favourite Lithuanian swimmer, Miss Ruta Meilutyte. Ruta appears to be a lover of Star Wars, as she stretches her beloved swim cap into the image of Darth Vader!


Looking at the way the Iron Lady stretches her swim cap, we imagine it’s more than just four World Records she has broken this week!


Last up we have 200m breaststroke champion, Daniel Gyurta. Ok, he’s not really abusing his swim cap but hey….it’s Daniel Gyurta. 🙂



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