Are you ready for the bikini test? Get back in shape with swimming!

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You are reading: Are you ready for the bikini test? Get back in shape with swimming!

We have said this on more than one occasion: if you want to get in shape for the holidays, your summer bikini and short, low-cut dresses, it is not good to wait till the last minute!

A good training program that aims to find the right physical form or lose weight requires a few months before you can start seeing results, even to allow your metabolism to adapt to new rhythms. If what you need is a final sprint and maybe accomplices for when you decide to start a new training program or to intensify what you are already doing, here you will find useful tips to make the most of swimming.

Swimming to get fit even mentally

This sports practice does not only offer benefits on a physical level, but also psychological level, as it has been scientifically proven to help produce endorphins, good-humored friends. Pool activity is also one of the best ways to tone, streamline and drain (swimming is great to counteract cellulite) in a fun and relaxing way.

To gain more benefits from swimming, it is advisable to get started with an experienced instructor. Here (link to a dedicated article) you can find valuable tips on choosing the right person who does not only have the right technical skills but also a good amount of empathy and communicative skills. All of this is important to prevent one of the main enemies of motivation, which is what drives us to undertake a new program to get in shape, otherwise boredom will get the best of us.

Another enemy of swimming, and sports activities in general, is laziness, which we can counteract by remembering all the valid reasons why we have pushed ourselves into the pool and that we must always train with perseverance. Motivation and consistency are two really important elements. Once they are acquired, swimming will become your best ally to achieve your goal, whether it involves weight loss, toning or improving athletic performance.

How much do you need to train?

If your goal is to get back into shape, it is good to remember that the amount of calories we burn depends on factors such as time spent in the pool, our weight and the starting level of agility. Generally, a 60-minute free style workout for a non-competitive swimmer (beginner or a somewhat experienced swimmer) can burn about 500 calories. To maintain your shape, you need to workout 45 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week, possibly varying styles and movements. And do not overdo it: if you feel tired, stop just a few minutes at the edge of the pool to catch your breath, you will see that your resistance will increase with time.

Of course, all these tips should be followed by proper nutrition, otherwise persistence, motivation, and commitment may be overwhelmed by eating disorders.

So what should you do? The ideal step to take is working with a nutritionist who will be able to match your diet plan with your workout program. A valid rule for everyone is the pre-meal meal, which must be light and low in fat, as not to weigh down yourself during your activities. It’s also important to drink plenty of water to rehydrate the body.

Are you ready to get back in shape with swimming?


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