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Body Shapes

Determining your body shape is quite often the first step in finding a swimsuit that best compliments your shape.

The term ‘Body shape’ is given to describe the overall silhouette of the body, and although we are well aware that there will be women who will not fit into any one of the following body shapes, we have listed today’s five most recognized.

These guidelines (and please be aware that’s all they are) were created to assist you in buying the swimwear that best suits your body, so that you are left feeling happy on the inside, and looking great on the outside.

Arena Suits (left to right): Asymmetrical Stripes Dart Neckholder Triangle bikini, Tonal Leaves Knot one-piece & Little Pois Sliding Triangle bikini
Arena Suits (left to right): Asymmetrical Stripes Triangle bikini, Tonal Leaves Knot one-piece & Little Pois Sliding Triangle bikini

The Hourglass Body Shape

The curvy hourglass body is identified by a small waist and proportional hips and chest. Women of this shape are extremely fortunate as they suit all types of swimwear.

Moderate-sized breasts look great in triangle or halter style tops, as these help show off the bust line. Match with triangular cut bottoms, or swimwear with a high-leg cut to elongate the legs. Larger breasted women should opt for more support, by way of underwired cups or a one-piece with full back and chest support.
Hourglass Body Shape Swimwear…


Arena Suits (left to right): Mosaic one-piece, Scuba Top Sport two-piece & Molivy one-piece…

 The Rectangle (Ruler) Body Shape

Often slim and athletic in appearance, this body type has evenly proportioned shoulders and hips, but little waist definition. Ladies with this body shape are fortunate enough to suit almost all swimwear, but are often left desiring more curves.

The key to dressing this body type is create the illusion of having a waist. This can be achieved by adding volume to both the top and to the bottom, through the  use of ruffles, bold design and a padded built-in bra. Swimsuits with waistbands, belts or colour-blocking at the midriff can really help create and define the waist. This also goes for coloured panels and seams at each side, that curve in toward the middle.
Rectangle (ruler) Body Shape Swimwear

Arena Suits (left to right): Scuba Double Straps one-piece, Ruth one-piece & Lyefe bikini…
Arena Suits (left to right): Scuba Double Straps one-piece, Ruth one-piece & Lyefe bikini…

The Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Distinguished by broad shoulders, narrow hips and relatively slender limbs, ladies with this body shape are often left desiring more balanced curves.

To create balance, the key is to add volume to the lower section of the body, so that eyes are averted away from the top half. This can be achieved by sticking to dark, neutral colours above the waist and bolder design and colour (including ties and detailing) below it. For larger breasted women, opt for swimsuits that have wide set straps, under-wiring and that offer good bust support.
Inverted Triangle Body Shape Swimwear

Arena Suits (left to right): Makimurax one-piece, Tonal Leaves Bandeau tankini & Moster one-piece

 The Apple Body Shape

Characterized by a rounded upper midsection, the apple body shape typically has little waist definition, large bust and slim legs. Apple shaped women require a swimsuit that offers body control and one that visually separates the bust from the stomach.

Rouching (fabric that gathers) towards the middle of a swimsuit helps conceal or trim a fuller tummy, and can be extremely flattering.   Suits with colour-blocking at the waist of dark coloured panels that curve in toward the body also create waist definition, and visibly separate the bust from the tummy.  Look for body-shaping swimwear, that offers high support, tummy control and provides a built-in bra. Tankinis and full bottom swimsuits with ruffle details on the bottom of a suit creates balance by filling out the hips.
Apple Body Shape Swimwear…

Arena Suits (left to right): Tonal Leaves Bandeau tankini, Asymmetrical Stripes Neckholder bikini & College Bandeau two-piece

The Pear Body Shape

The pear shaped body tends to have a slender upper section (narrow shoulders and slim arms), defined waist and slim legs. Hips, thighs and bottom are larger in comparison, often leaving  ladies with this body type desiring more balanced curves.

A padded bikini or swimsuit with attractive colours and accessories on the top half, such as ruffles or beads will draw attention away from the lower half, which in turn should remain neutral and dark in colour.  Halter style tops provide the illusion of broader shoulders, which in turn help balance out the figure.  Tankini style tops with square necks are also a good option, and will draw attention away from the hips…
Pear Body Shape Swimwear…


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