How to choose a sports bra that fits

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Written by: Arena at 26 March '15 0
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From small to more buxom bustlines, every breast size requires support during exercise with a sports bra. But to be truly effective, it needs to fit properly. Surprisingly, most women wear one that is not right for their body. Here are Arena’s guidelines for a sports bra that wears like a second skin.

First get a lay of the land by measuring yourself. For an Arena bra just follow these two easy steps.

Step 1: take off any upper body clothing and measure around the rib cage just under the bust with the measuring tape snug but not so tight that it interferes with breathing. This underbust or band measurement corresponds with the sports bra size on our size chart.

Step 2: Next measure around the bust at the fullest part, usually across the nipples. The tape should stay straight across your back. This will give you your cup size on our chart.

Measurements are essential for choosing a properly fitting sports bra, but how the bra feels and actually fits when on is just as important. It should be slightly tighter than a regular bra but be comfortable when taking a deep breath. Shoulder straps, hooks and seams shouldn’t chafe, and the straps should be taut without digging into your back or shoulders. Try raising your hands over your head. If the bra band slides up, then you may need a smaller band or adjust the straps. The cup should be taut. Any wrinkles or air pockets then the cup is too big. Likewise there shouldn’t be any spillage. If there is, go up a cup size.

Another effective trick is to move around with it on. You may not be able to bounce on a trampoline while trying on a sports bra, but by jumping or running in place, you can tell if it is supportive or not. Think about comfort too while making the kinds of motion you will be doing when wearing it – like swinging your arms, bending over or twisting your torso. If the bra is not firm in place and moves, you may want to try a smaller size.

Today so many styles and designs are available, and slight variances can make a difference in how a sports bra wears. We recommend trying on as many as possible to find the most comfortable and supportive fit for you.

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