Introducing Arena’s athletic underwear for women

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Written by: Arena at 21 May '15 0
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Athletic intimates for women have come a long way since the birth of the jogbra in 1977. Today Arena’s sports bras and briefs can stand up to the rigours of any woman’s workout.

First let’s talk about sports bra construction. We know so much more now about how to build a better bra for women with an active lifestyle. It all starts with the band around the bottom: this is a bra’s foundation and where most of a bra’s support comes from. Arena sports bras use a wide band, which is more supportive than a narrow one. Then there are the straps. Arena sports bras have wide, padded straps for better lift and extra comfort. Our designs also feature encapsulation. With a cup for each breast an encapsulated bra supports each breast individually. Last but not least is fabric. To keep women dry and comfortable all Arena sports bras are made of moisture-wicking fabrics that will move with you.

Since different physical activities expose breasts to diverse types of movement and stress, Arena has developed a range of sports bra designs engineered for three different impact levels: high, medium and low. High-impact bras are right for women who do aerobics or running. Medium-impact sports include skiing and tennis while low-impact bras are designed for yoga, Pilates and cycling. If you do sports with different impact levels, equip yourself with several different styles of sports bras.

Briefs too have been upgraded with our performance sportswear know-how. Our sports-specific hipster briefs provide comfort and support. Made of a soft, moisture-wicking fabric, they’ll keep sweat off your body and everything ventilated. The low-rise design hugs the body comfortably while giving you full freedom of movement. They stay in place during workouts but do not compromise on feminine style. And the minimal seams and stitching prevent unwanted chafing.

With key features like breathable fabrics, built-in support, ergonomic design for maximum comfort, Arena’s athletic intimates are the choice of active women.


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