All women deserve a sports bra

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Written by: Arena at 11 March '15 0
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If a woman cares enough about her body to do sports, then she definitely should wear a sports bra. We all know that an active lifestyle is fundamental for overall good health and staying in shape, but what you may not know is that exercise can do more harm than good to your bustline if not properly supported by a sports bra.

A simple lesson in breast anatomy shows why. A woman’s chest is made of soft tissue instead of muscle and an elastic connective network called Cooper’s ligaments. They’re what hold everything up. But bounce and gravity can take their toll. Just like a rubber band, when those ligaments are overstretched, they no longer spring back to their original position causing what every woman fears: sagging breasts and stretch marks.

What does that mean for women who do sports? Biomechanical research shows that breasts during exercise move in three different directions ‒ vertically, horizontally and laterally. This movement strains the Cooper’s ligaments decreasing their elasticity. It is also this motion that creates pain and even breast injury. And these mechanics are true no matter a woman’s breast or cup size.

This is why a sports bra is crucial for any woman who works out, whether she does yoga, tennis or intensive running. Sports bras are crafted to minimize bounce, and well-designed ones like Arena’s can reduce it significantly. With less movement wearing a proper sports bra, the negative effects of strain, sag and stretch marks brought on by exercise can be effectively prevented.

Those aren’t the only benefits of wearing a sports bra. Sports bras also enhance performance. They streamline a woman’s chest improving balance while working out. Good support also means less pain and better focus, while design and a moisture-wicking fabric prevent chafing and rashes. All together these qualities add up to exercising better, more confidently and with less distractions.


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