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I  imagine you are asking yourself the same questions I am: what is it?!

It is the first time I have seen one of these devices and I am extremely curious.

This is a brand-new swimming aid, mainly designed for beginners and amateur swimmers. It will help you breathe properly and improve your freestyle swim stroke. It is based on a simple aspect of swimming, i.e. floating. This tool will help you align your head with the rest of your body in the water, avoiding any excessive rotating of the neck and allowing you to adopt the right posture.

It is a very simple, lightweight tool that can be attached to your goggles and is compatible with lots of Arena goggles, such as Arena iMax Pro (mirror, polarized), Arena Nimesis (polarized), Arena Cruiser Easyfit, Arena Cruiser Soft Arena x-Flex, Arena Sprint and Arena Vulcan Pro, as well as other brands available on the market.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of this brand-new swimming aid.

1. It makes swimming easier by helping you breathe properly underwater, particularly when inhaling. Its two polypropylene “foils” or “fins” prevent water from being inhaled through your nose by creating a larger air pocket beneath the nose. This will allow you to breathe more freely and feel safer, particularly if you are new to this sport.

2. It allows you to focus on your swim stroke.
Because you will no longer have to do concentrate solely on breathing, you can shift your attention to the catch/pull/push technique, the length of your stroke, and those hypoxic training exercises referred to in a previous article.

3. It will help you float better.
Because you will be able to breathe more freely, you can practice all those techniques designed to improve your swim stroke. Try swimming with just one arm, concentrating on your shoulders and leg kick or swim with both arms along your sides and rotate your head without over-rotating your neck. This will help you to improve your stability in the water.

Freestyle Breather is designed to encourage and help swimmers who might be slightly scared or reluctant to breathe with their head in the water. It is also ideal for learning or improving your freestyle stroke or simply swimming freestyle while breathing more smoothly.

I have tried it out and I must say that it feels very comfortable.

I actually feel as if I have more air in my lungs. Of course, since I consider myself to be an expert swimmer, it was not hard for me to test it out, even trying what might seem to be complicated exercises (like, for example, those described above).

My advice is to try it out, especially if you are a beginner.

Innovation has always improved people’s lives and Arena’s new swimming aid might make you feel more at ease in the water.


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