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Written by: Nicolas Vannier at 11 July '14 0
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This programme set up by Erwan Jacob, coach of Guingamp-natation swimming club, will help you to develop your cardio-vascular and respiratory endurance, resistance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and precision whilst also working on your swimming technique. Swimmer Maelle Lecouey is following the programme. The swimming association holds muscular strengthening exercise sessions and can quickly set up efficient and different training programmes on the side of the pool.

2,000 metre session

— warm up 1,000 metres

->100m freestyle: progressive 3,5,7 breathing (you breathe every 3 arm strokes in the first 25m, then every 5 strokes on the next 25m, every 7 on the next 25m, then progressive speed on the final 25m)

->100m freestyle drill: straight arm (both arms), high elbow, freestyle flick, progressive speed

->100m freestyle drill: progressive 3,5,7 breathing

->100m freestyle drill: clenched fists, dolphin arms, water polo drill, progressive

-> 100m 4 strokes with arms and pull buoy (explosive movement, glide)

-> 100m 4 strokes with legs and float (progressive)

-> 100m 4 strokes full swim (with max. turns)

->2 x 25m per stroke (butterfly – back – breaststroke – crawl) 15m max speed- 10m gentle swim

-> 100m legs – gentle swim

— Main series 800 metres

-> 4 x 200m crazy

( 1 x 200m crazy freestyle – 1 x 200m crazy favourite stroke – 1x 200m crazy freestyle – 1x 200m crazy favourite stroke)

an example of 200m crazy freestyle is:

10 reps dips

25m freestyle

10 reps jump

25m freestyle

10 reps burpee

25m freestyle

10 reps squat

25m freestyle

10 reps abs medicine ball

25m freestyle

10 reps side lunge

25m freestyle

10 reps push up

25m freestyle

10 reps abs

25m freestyle

Choose 8 different muscular strengthening exercises in the list (dips, squats, burpees, push ups, abs, lunges, jumps, etc.) with a sequence of 10 repetitions over 200 metres, followed immediately by a 25 m swim. (for core muscle strengthening exercises, hold the position for 1 minute)

— end of session 200 metres

-> 200m legs – 4 strokes gentle swim

The 200m crazy freestyle




Written by:

Nicolas Vannier

I am a master swimmer, who learnt to swim after being inspired by taking my own children to the pool. During my youth, I spent six years as a speed skater, and later went on to enjoy biking, running, skydiving and diving (PADI Divemaster). Swimming has really complemented my sporting career, I am completely hooked on it. I love the technique, stamina , motivation, speed, power and flexibility required for it. Having invested in Club Guingamp, I have now started to photograph and film its top swimmers, in order to create underwater exercise and technique videos, which allow others (under the technical advice of trainer Erwan Jacob) to progress in this wonderful sport.