How to achieve the best freestyle body position

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Written by: Leila Vaziri at 30 March '15 0
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Focus on lengthening your spine by stretching out long and tall. Good posture includes, keeping your shoulders pushed back and keeping your legs together and toes pointed. Avoid sitting or bending into your hips and knees.

Press your hips slightly forward, creating a small curve in your lower back.

Relax your neck, the positioning should be an extension of your spine – it should not be held up or bent at an angle, but rather resting flat in the water.

Arms closed tight enough to touch each side of your head with one hand on top of the other to help pull you forward.

Body position is the foundation of our stroke and where I find my greatest strength!

Starting with a good body position, and then adding in arms and legs, makes it easier to swim into good form.


Written by:

Leila Vaziri

Leila Vaziri is a former World Record Holder, World Champion, and member of the US National team. Currently Leila is a private Swim Coach based out of New York City and South Florida.