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Fitness & Wellness

Swim Drill designed to burn off those calories

It can seem daunting, getting back in to shape in the New Year with all the other things you’ve promised yourself you’ll be doing. Short consistent workouts are the best …

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Training & Technique

Technique Tips – Backstroke Head Position

– A stable head position in backstroke is key to getting the most out of your stroke. I think about my head and spine being my stable center, which my …

Written by: Leila Vaziri 15 July '15 0
Training & Technique

Top 3 Tips for a Dynamic Flip Turn

1. Body position – A tightly wound object has more momentum. I mimic this idea with my flip turn by tucking my head and knees into my chest and pulling …

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Training & Technique

How to achieve the best freestyle body position

Focus on lengthening your spine by stretching out long and tall. Good posture includes, keeping your shoulders pushed back and keeping your legs together and toes pointed. Avoid sitting or …

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Training & Technique

How to improve your Breaststroke Kick with Leila Vaziri

In breaststroke, most of the stroke’s propulsion is driven from a strong kick. A breaststroke kick drill whilst on your back helps you to achieve the best leg positioning for …

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Training & Technique

How to improve your backstroke – Flip Turn Drill!

Often swimmers have difficulty gauging their distance from the wall during backstroke. When approaching the wall they can become apprehensive about hitting it, therefore lose momentum when lifting their feet …

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Training & Technique

How to improve your backstroke – kick technique

Having a strong and steady kick is essential to backstroke. Out of all of the strokes, backstroke requires the most vigorous and continuous of kicks. A few important aspects to …

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Fitness & Wellness

How to conquer water phobia as an adult

Feeling anxious or hesitant at the thought of swimming? Too often these negative feelings are associated with water. If the very thought of submerging yourself into it makes you shudder, …

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Training & Technique

‘Flip turn drill video’ by Former World Champion, Leila Vaziri

In this flip turn drill video, Leila discusses using your own momentum to create a dynamic flip turn. Often swimmers will anticipate the wall and then slow momentum. Contrary to …

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Training & Technique

‘Freestyle Timing’ by Former World Champion, Leila Vaziri

In this video, Leila discusses arm and leg timing essential to freestyle. She demonstrates the rhythm and full body coordination needed for the stroke. The timing of arms and legs is particularly important for distance swimmers …

Written by: Leila Vaziri 3 May '13 0