How to improve your Breaststroke Kick with Leila Vaziri

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Written by: Leila Vaziri at 29 January '15 0
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In breaststroke, most of the stroke’s propulsion is driven from a strong kick.

A breaststroke kick drill whilst on your back helps you to achieve the best leg positioning for the kick.

To begin with, lay facing upwards in the water, arms at your side with a long body position.


Focus on bringing your heels to your hips. It is important to keep your knees from breaking the surface.

The breaststroke kick makes use of our strong thigh muscles and in order to do that, the knees must remain stable otherwise we lose our grip on the water. The kick is driven from bending into your knees and catching water on your feet.


The ankle position changes during the kick phase and is important to achieve the feeling of catching water on your feet and then throwing it back. Whilst bringing your feet to your hips, the flatter your foot position the better, as we are trying to gain friction in the water. When the streamline position is achieved, the toes and ankles point, this creates a strong push back.

Try breaststroke kick on your back to improve your breaststroke kick


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Leila Vaziri

Leila Vaziri is a former World Record Holder, World Champion, and member of the US National team. Currently Leila is a private Swim Coach based out of New York City and South Florida.