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Written by: arena coaches at 16 February '18 0
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After the holidays, which you’ve most likely spent being lazy and eating, getting back into your workout routine can be quite difficult. We’re not distinguishing between winter holidays, summer vacations or any other holidays. The most important thing is re-starting gradually.

Today we’ll talk about dryland training which is both slow and progressive.

Obviously, based on your own personal needs you can vary the exercises.

If you don’t want to get straight into the pool, there are two options for you: classical jogging or the gym.

The first is easy and cheap. You can do it anywhere and don’t need a gym membership.  The latter requires a bit of organization, and even ideally, one should be guided by a personal trainer.

We suggest a small program in order to re-start your training, which can be repeated in 3 sessions for at least 2 weeks:

1. 15-minute jog

2. Exercises using only your body weight for 20 minutes:

  • Arm exercises like knee push-ups
  • Intra-extra arm rotations by keeping your arms straight out to your sides, palms up, and rotating them until the palms are down.
  • Flex/Extension arm exercises to the ceiling, to the sides and to the front.

3. 10 minutes of relaxing jogging

4. Stretching, especially the legs, biceps femoris muscle, quadriceps and the gemellus muscle.

So, are you ready to get active again? Wishing you the best!


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