Girls’ Competition Swimsuits: Race Suits for Young Swimmers

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Swimming is a highly competitive sport, even for the younger swimmers out there. Experiencing high levels of competition starts early for young girls, so selecting a quality competition swimsuit is essential. That’s why it’s a good idea to add a racing swimsuit to your wish list!

A competition swimsuit will give you an edge in your race, whether you are a young sprinter, endurance swimmer, or open-water/triathlon competitor. Special technology will help you move quickly and efficiently through the water during every competitive swimming event.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about girls’ competition swimsuits. We’ll look into the benefits of wearing one and what to look for when choosing a swimsuit. Then, we’ll explore the types of swimsuits you can select from and how they should fit. Finally, you’ll want your suit to last, so we’ll cover proper care and storage.

Why Choose a Competition Swimsuit?

Competition swimsuits are very different from casual bathing suits or swim shorts and a tankini. They are designed to fit closer to the body to improve glide in the water. While a rash guard and a snorkel might be nice for leisure aqua time at the beach, you need all your speed while racing. A best-selling competition swimsuit provides the tech you need to swim fast. Let’s go over the benefits of wearing a competition swimsuit.

Improved Swimming Posture

Competition swimsuits provide excellent core support, allowing you to maintain the best swimming posture possible. Your swimming posture is very important for swimming quickly and efficiently. The stability provided by a girls’ competition swimsuit will be noticeable during a race and will help you keep your body in an optimum position throughout your event.

Increased Body Lift

The design technology of competition swimsuits keeps optimal hydrodynamics in mind. The material used, along with the placement of the seams, work to lift the body nearer to the pool’s surface while swimming. The higher your body is in the water, the less drag you’ll experience, meaning you’ll be capable of swimming more quickly while expending less energy.

Enhanced Comfort During Competition

It is important to be comfortable, especially during competition. The last thing you want to worry about before and during your race is any discomfort caused by your swimsuit. A high-quality competition swimsuit will be comfortable and flexible. The best ones will be made with a high-tech, extra-flexible knit fabric, such as a polyamide and elastane (sometimes called spandex or Lycra) blend. 

While competition suits are designed to fit close to the body, they should still allow for a full range of motion. You shouldn’t experience any chafing or restrictive tightness due to your swimsuit.

Choose a Swimsuit That Is FINA-Approved

Swimmer stretching her upper body

It is essential to select a suit that is FINA-approved. If you wear a non-approved swimsuit, you will not be allowed to use it in competition. In addition to FINA approval, USA Swimming has regulations on tech suits for 12 and under swimmers.

Many swimsuits approved for 12 and under use are marked with a green checkmark that is usually located on the back of the suit. For further information on 12 and under swimsuit regulations, it is a good idea to refer to the official USA swimming website.

The entire line of arena girls’ competition swimsuits are FINA-approved and meet the USA Swimming rules for 12 and under use.

Types of Girls’ Competition Swimsuits

There are two types of girls’ one-piece swimsuits for competition that you can choose from. The first type of suit has a higher cut around the hips. The second is called a kneeskin and has fabric that extends down the thighs to just above the knees, like the cut on a boy’s jammer. 

Both swimsuit types have an open back cut, also known as a racer-back swimsuit. They have thick straps that provide more durability and support than thin straps do. Let’s take a closer look at each of these competition suit types.

At-the-Hips Cut Girls’ Swimsuit

Arena swimsuits like the Powerskin ST Classic and the Powerskin R-EVO Classic Junior are great examples of competition swimsuits cut at the hips. These suits provide a natural feel to the legs. They increase compression in the midsection, which offers core stability while swimming.

This type of suit is a good choice if you prefer to have a more natural feel on your legs while you swim. These suits are excellent for competing and come with all the benefits you’d expect from a quality race suit, like improved buoyancy, hydrodynamics, and comfort.

Above-the-Knee Cut Girls’ Swimsuit

Arena swimsuits like the Powerskin ST 2.0 and the Powerskin R-EVO ONE Youth are cut just above the knee and make an outstanding kneeskin racing suit option. These suits provide compression in the core area and compression in the thighs. The extra fabric around the thighs increases your hydrodynamics and improves buoyancy.

Swimsuits cut just above the knee are the best choice for highly competitive swimmers. The added compression gives you the most performance you can get out of a FINA-approved competition swimsuit.

How Should Your Girls’ Competition Swimsuit Fit?

Girls competition swimsuits: girl stretching her leg

The fit of a swimsuit is crucial. A well-fitting swimsuit will increase the benefits you get out of it. You will be more comfortable in a suit that fits you perfectly, and you’ll feel better during each race.

Your suit should fit snugly around your body but should not restrict your range of motion. A snug fit ensures you get the appropriate amount of compression out of the swimsuit, which improves your glide through the water. If the suit feels like it is restricting your range of motion, it is likely too tight. You need the ability to move freely while swimming. Otherwise, your performance could suffer.

If you are on the cusp between youth sizing and adult sizing and feel that you need to size up, visit the complete line of arena women’s competition suits where you can find a more suitable size.

How to Care for Your Competition Swimwear

Your competition swimsuit can have a long life with good care. Keeping the swimsuit free of chlorine, using safe washing practices, and maintaining good storage habits can help to extend your swimsuit’s life. Let’s go over the proper care and storage of your race suit.

After a Swim Meet

Following a swim meet, you should rinse your suit with fresh, non-chlorinated water as soon as possible. Even though arena swimsuits are made with special chlorine-resistant fabrics, it is good to remove any excess chlorine from the material after use. After rinsing, hang the suit in a cool place to dry, keeping it out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources.

How to Wash

Only hand wash your swimsuit with detergents designed for delicate fabrics. Do not machine wash or dry your swimsuit. Avoid dry cleaning, bleaching, and ironing your swimsuit. After washing with detergent, rinse it with clean water and hang the suit to dry in a cool place.

Proper Storage

Your swimsuit should be completely dry before storing. Storing a wet swimsuit in a bag or backpack is unsuitable for the fabrics. Do not leave your swimsuit in a hot car or in a bag that is in direct sunlight. The best place to store your swimsuit between uses is in a cool, dry place.

Grab Your Suit and Race Past the Competition

Girls competition swimsuits: girl catching her goggles

A competition swimsuit is a must-have for young girls who are serious competitors. These special swimsuits can give you the edge you need in your next race. You’ll have better body positioning and comfort in the water so you can swim your best in your next race. Just look for a FINA-approved suit and remember to care for it. Then, all you need to do is grab your swim cap and swimming goggles, and you’re ready to race!

Arena has you covered for all your swimming needs, so be sure to visit the arena online store for your race-day swimsuit. Plus, don’t forget to check out arena’s Sale section for special offers on girls’ training suits and sportswear.


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