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Can you swim with contacts: underwater shot of a swimmer in a pool
Fitness & Wellness

Can You Swim With Contacts, and What Are the Risks?

If you wear contact lenses, you might wonder, “Can you swim with contacts?” The FDA makes it clear that you should not expose contact lenses to any type of water, …

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Types of swimming caps: man wearing an Arena swim cap getting out of the pool
Swim Tech

Types of Swimming Caps and How to Choose One

Once you put on a swim cap for the first time and feel the added glide in your streamline and throughout your stroke, it’s hard to imagine how you ever …

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Women's competition suits: underwater shot of a swimmer in a pool
Swim Tech

Find Your Swimming Edge With a Women’s Competition Suit

On race day, every competitive edge counts, and that’s why choosing a quality women’s competition suit is essential. The best competition swimsuits will provide glide and compression, features that help …

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Girls competition swimsuits: girl flexing her biceps
Swim Tech

Girls’ Competition Swimsuits: Race Suits for Young Swimmers

Swimming is a highly competitive sport, even for the younger swimmers out there. Experiencing high levels of competition starts early for young girls, so selecting a quality competition swimsuit is …

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Best swimsuit for lap swimming: swimmer stretching
Swim Tech

A Guide to Choosing the Best Swimsuit for Lap Swimming

Lap swimming makes for a fantastic full-body workout that is low impact and will improve your overall health. The best part about lap swimming is that you don’t need too …

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Swimmer using water dumbbells
Training & Technique

The 7 Best Water Dumbbell Exercises and How to Do Them

Water dumbbells are valuable pieces of fitness equipment that are often used in water aerobics classes. They are made of EVA foam and provide resistance due to their buoyancy in …

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Training & Technique

How to Improve Your Swimming Starts for Every Stroke

Every competitive swimmer knows the feeling of the intense quiet before the start of a race. In these moments before the start signal, you might feel excited, anxious, calm, or …

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Flip turn drills: swimmer about to kick the pool wall
Training & Technique

Learn How to Turn: Flip Turn Drills for Faster Swimming

The flip turn is a vital swimming technique that can increase your speed and efficiency. It might seem difficult for beginners, but once you get the hang of the proper …

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Swimming warm up sets: underwater shot of a swimmer wearing googles, swim cap and swimsuit
Training & Technique

Loosen Up Your Body With These Swimming Warm Up Sets

You should consider a proper warm-up as a vital piece of your swimming training. Whether before the main set of your training session, a vital heat at your race, or …

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Swimming drills for beginners: underwater shot of a person swimming in a pool
Training & Technique

9 Swimming Drills for Beginners to Improve Your Technique

So, you’ve decided to leap into the wonderful world of swimming! Whether you choose to swim in competitions, open-water events, triathlons, or you want to participate in the sport for …

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