Win a visit with the legendary Mark Spitz

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Written by: Stacy Gerritse at 6 December '19 0
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Mark Spitz’s historic performance in the 1972 Olympics marked the beginning of the modern era of competitive swimming. His seven-gold medal sweep in Munich set a G.O.A.T. standard for generations of swimmers across the globe, and all his glory was achieved in a time before athlete’s could benefit from sponsorships, speed suits, goggles, biometrics, and other technological advancements.

We want to bring this inspirational Olympic legend to your hometown pool or club for autographs, selfies, games, giveaways, and more. To enter for a chance to win, submit a short, creative video showing us what makes your swimmer, team, or swim family so special. Anything you can dream up!

Submissions and fan voting closes on Sunday, January 5th. The winner will be selected based on a percentage of votes and a panel of VIPs, including Mark Spitz. We’ll announce the winner on Thursday January 9th.


Mark Spitz Meet and Greet


Written by:

Stacy Gerritse