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Win a visit with the legendary Mark Spitz

Mark Spitz’s historic performance in the 1972 Olympics marked the beginning of the modern era of competitive swimming. His seven-gold medal sweep in Munich set a G.O.A.T. standard for generations …

Written by: Stacy Gerritse 6 December '19 0
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Lap Swimming: Wonder Woman’s Secret Weapon

Everyone knows superheroes are athletic. They need to be able to leap, sprint and fly quickly and effortlessly— people’s lives depend on it. What some may not realize is during …

Written by: Michael Coiner 13 September '18 0
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The Head Game: Getting swimmers to think

For many swimmers, practice is just about putting in the yards. But for University of Virginia Head Coach Todd DeSorbo, there is much more to it than that. His coaching …

Written by: Michael Coiner 10 May '18 0
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Tom Shields picks up double duty for summer job

Competing in the butterfly events is not an easy chore in the United States, not with Michael Phelps ruling the stroke for more than a decade, and looking to maintain …

Written by: Arena 3 July '16 0
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His Spot Secure, Tom Shields seeks a Double In Butterfly Events

In some ways, Tom Shields will be racing pressure-free on Saturday night. With a berth to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro collected earlier in the week in the 200 …

Written by: Arena 2 July '16 0
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Cammile Adams Perseveres To Prevail In 200 Butterfly In Omaha

As a little girl, Cammile Adams chose to contest the 200 butterfly for a simple reason: With few competitors in the event, it was her best chance to win a …

Written by: Arena 1 July '16 0
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As Tom Shields Defends Butterfly Turf, Cammile Adams Rises Above Drama

As the United States Olympic Trials reached their midway point on Wednesday, ARENA athletes had the opportunity to both celebrate, and exhale with a sigh of relief. Simply, it was …

Written by: Arena 30 June '16 0