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Can you swim with contacts: underwater shot of a swimmer in a pool
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Can You Swim With Contacts, and What Are the Risks?

If you wear contact lenses, you might wonder, “Can you swim with contacts?” The FDA makes it clear that you should not expose contact lenses to any type of water, …

Written by: Harrison Howarth 18 May '22 0
Swimmer's headache: A swimmer wears an arena swim cap and goggles
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Don’t Let Swimmer’s Headache Slow You Down

For most of us, swimming is a hobby, and for some of us, it’s a serious exertional sport that becomes a full-time career. If you swim for fun or for …

Written by: Thomas Board 4 March '22 0
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Night Swimming in Open Water

Swimming at night in open water can be a magical experience. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind before you jump into the lake or ocean. There’s …

Written by: Arena 4 September '18 0
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Why am I not improving?

People who have just started swimming often expect to improve more quickly than is really feasible. This inevitably leads to frustration, particularly when you cannot swim the number of laps …

Written by: Arturo Mugnai 22 June '18 0
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Polymyalgia rheumatica: the benefits of the swimming pool

A complicated name for a troublesome disease. What is polymyalgia rheumatica? It’s an intense inflammation of the muscles in the body. It’s a problem that can make your life quite …

Written by: Marco Borreca 15 June '18 0
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Swimming as a cure for stress

Early mornings, cars, traffic, smog, computers, deadlines, long lines, rushing, shopping, delays… The list could go on for hours, but that would just make everything even more stressful. Stress is …

Written by: Marco Borreca 8 June '18 0
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Fitness, weight-loss and body toning: 5 busted myths

1. Calories don’t count: FALSE! Of course they do! The only way to lose weight is to put our bodies in a situation where they are in calorie deficit; in …

Written by: Marzia Gasparetto 5 June '18 0
Fitness & Wellness

A few suggestions on quick post-workout recovery

In order to have a strong and healthy body, you have to learn how to love yourself, dedicating the same amount of attention to your recovery as you do to …

Written by: Martina Pica 22 May '18 0
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5 Hidden Health Benefits of Swimming

If you have a competitive swimmer in the family, you may have spent hours at the pool and even contemplated dipping your own toes in the water. You’ll be encouraged …

Written by: Christin Lee 3 May '18 0
Fitness & Wellness

Outdoor Training: It’s Good for You!

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to get outside and move! It may not be warm enough to hit the outdoor pool yet, but adding some open-air training …

Written by: Arena 20 March '18 0