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A Swimmer's life

Texas head coach: Trust is the foundation of every team

There is something to be said about the trust between a coach and an athlete. The strength of their relationship depends on the faith they have in each other.  University …

Written by: Michael Coiner 5 October '18 0
A Swimmer's life

High school swimming – How it prepares you for the future

Many US swimmers, past and present, think of high school swimming as one of the most energetic and exciting parts of their swimming career. The sportsmanship, camaraderie, and enthusiasm surrounding …

Written by: Michael Coiner 30 August '18 0
A Swimmer's life

3 Top Swimmer *facepalm* Moments

In the vocabulary of real-everyday-normal-people lingo, a ‘facepalm’ refers to those moments in life where the only plausible reaction you have is to bring the palm of your hand to …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 23 March '18 0
A Swimmer's life

Is there any point in listening to music before you dive into the pool?

We have often seen Chad Le Clos, Katinka Hosszú and lots of the world’s best swimmers listening to music before they climb onto the starting blocks. The question is, how can …

Written by: Arturo Mugnai 20 February '18 0
A Swimmer's life

Short Course or Long Course, which side are you on?

It’s official – we have welcomed in the new year, and with it the next portion of the swim season: the *dramatic pause* long course season. For some athletes, those …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 26 January '18 0
A Swimmer's life

4 New Year’s resolutions to apply to your swim training

The transition into a new year is often a time of self-reflection, especially for athletes looking to take their performance to the next level. Determining which habits to carry through …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 29 December '17 0
A Swimmer's life

4 swim questions that would confuse the general public

Every culture has its own unique language and shorthand. Swimming is no different, but the terms that we use on an everyday basis become so second nature to us that …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 22 December '17 0
A Swimmer's life

10 things swimmers have in common with Stranger Things

1. They know the importance of teammates via GIPHY 2. Sticky locker rooms. via GIPHY 3. The difficulty with communication. Especially when you are underwater and the coach is speaking. …

Written by: Arena 14 December '17 0
A Swimmer's life

5 reasons why you could never stop swimming

During an intense training session or on the morning before a race, I have very often felt like stopping and giving up swimming. But then after all the intense effort …

Written by: Valeria Molfino 1 December '17 0
Florent Manaudou & Sarah Sjostrom - Arena Diamonds Collection
A Swimmer's life

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do!

We are competitive swimmers. We are athletes. We are a rare breed of people who set 4:30 a.m. alarms, who sweat while most people are asleep, who push our bodies …

Written by: Rebecca Gillis 1 December '17 0