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Rising star Mallory Comerford joins the elite team of arena athletes

Record-breaking freestyle talent ready to compete in 2020 with groundbreaking Powerskin Carbon racing technology 2019 was another memorable year for Mallory Comerford and 2020 is shaping up to be no …

Written by: Stacy Gerritse 3 December '19 0
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Mark Spitz returns to arena in new global ambassador role

arena has announced the signing of American Olympic hero Mark Spitz as a brand ambassador, 46 years after he first collaborated with the company in the pioneering days of sports …

Written by: Arena 10 September '19 0
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Brand logo differences: Why do American arena tech suits have smaller logos?

A brand logo can go a long way in the swimming world. In our case, the word “arena” stands out on every tech suit we manufacture. But, if you compare …

Written by: Michael Coiner 14 February '19 0
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Managing the US National Team with Lindsay Mintenko

Whether it’s choosing a movie to see or picking a restaurant for dinner, coordinating a group activity can be difficult. Opinions run rampant, and it can be hard getting those …

Written by: Michael Coiner 11 December '18 0
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Three tips to recover like a pro

We all know how it works. We train hour after hour, day after day for a championship meet that literally takes everything out of our bodies.  Once we’re finished, we …

Written by: Michael Coiner 9 February '18 0
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Tom Shields picks up double duty for summer job

Competing in the butterfly events is not an easy chore in the United States, not with Michael Phelps ruling the stroke for more than a decade, and looking to maintain …

Written by: Arena 3 July '16 0
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His Spot Secure, Tom Shields seeks a Double In Butterfly Events

In some ways, Tom Shields will be racing pressure-free on Saturday night. With a berth to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro collected earlier in the week in the 200 …

Written by: Arena 2 July '16 0
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Cammile Adams Perseveres To Prevail In 200 Butterfly In Omaha

As a little girl, Cammile Adams chose to contest the 200 butterfly for a simple reason: With few competitors in the event, it was her best chance to win a …

Written by: Arena 1 July '16 0
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As Tom Shields Defends Butterfly Turf, Cammile Adams Rises Above Drama

As the United States Olympic Trials reached their midway point on Wednesday, ARENA athletes had the opportunity to both celebrate, and exhale with a sigh of relief. Simply, it was …

Written by: Arena 30 June '16 0
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Little Pool To Big Pool: Tom Shields Is Flying High

There was a time in Tom Shields’ career when the little pool was his primary domain, the superb underwater skills of the California-Berkeley athlete a huge help in capturing NCAA …

Written by: Arena 29 June '16 0