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Written by: Michael Coiner at 5 October '18 0
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There is something to be said about the trust between a coach and an athlete. The strength of their relationship depends on the faith they have in each other.  University of Texas Women’s Head Coach Carol Capitani is a firm believer that trust is the foundation of every successful team, whether it be in the training process, team goals, the suits they race in, or the equipment the swimmers use every day.

“There is also a lot more to swimming fast than going up and down the pool,” says Capitani. “Swimming fast involves a lot of trust, and when we trust that our equipment – whether it be our training suits, racing suits, goggles, or equipment, we can pay attention to all the little details that add up to some big time magic.  Everything matters!”

On race days, the Texas coach says arena’s race suits give her team an edge in the pool. She is confident every detail that goes into of the suits, from the engineering and design to the fabric, has been carefully planned out to help her athletes swim their best. The Texas women’s team has had the opportunity to be part of the innovation process of the race suits, giving them a better understanding of how the suit functions. Being involved with this process reinforces the swimmers’ trust in arena, knowing they are creating the best product to help them swim their fastest. In Capitani’s mind, the functionality of the tech suit is one thing the swimmers don’t need to worry about.

“When our athletes are racing, I don’t want them thinking about their suit, their goggles, or anything but trusting their training, trusting the process, and swimming fast.”

The fact that her swimmers walk up to the starting blocks in well-constructed tech suit and great team apparel gives Capitani and her team confidence to help make them winners.

When it comes to daily training suits, one could argue that the color and style don’t matter, as long as the suit gets the swimmer through practice. Capitani disagrees. In reality, swimmers care about the print, fit and function of their practice suit. Ask anyone – from the age group swimmer to the pros. It is the one area swimmers can express their own personality – through the suit they wear at practice. The Texas coach and her swimmers love arena’s training suits for this reason.

“Our team loves the training suits,” she explains.  “They love the colors, the way they fit, and the suits hold up well.  I like it that they feel confident and happy, and happy kids are having fun and swimming fast.”     

To learn more about arena’s race suits, training suits, and other equipment, visit arenawaterinstinct.com.


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Michael Coiner

Michael Coiner spent over a decade in the competitive swimming world. Her love for the sport drove her to compete through college. Now she lives the life of a “swammer” - hopping in the pool whenever she can, eager to tell her stories to other up-and-coming swimmers. She has always had a passion for writing and has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest in the United States and takes full advantage of the pristine outdoors that surround her home.