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Championship culture from championship character: Coach Gary Taylor’s key to success

When Head Coach Gary Taylor took over the Auburn Men’s and Women’s Swimming & Diving program in May of 2018, he had a clear vision of what he wanted his …

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Brand logo differences: Why do American arena tech suits have smaller logos?

A brand logo can go a long way in the swimming world. In our case, the word “arena” stands out on every tech suit we manufacture. But, if you compare …

Written by: Michael Coiner 14 February '19 0
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Overcoming turmoil: How Madisyn Cox proved innocence in face of doping suspension

For many swimmers, practice is a release—a place to let go of their frustrations and wash them away with the water. But for World Championship medalist Madisyn Cox, that feeling …

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Managing the US National Team with Lindsay Mintenko

Whether it’s choosing a movie to see or picking a restaurant for dinner, coordinating a group activity can be difficult. Opinions run rampant, and it can be hard getting those …

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Patience equals perfection: Inside Haley Anderson’s year of success

For two-time Olympian Haley Anderson, hard work is a way of life—though it does not always bring immediate success. She has been swimming competitively for over a decade. During that …

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Texas head coach: Trust is the foundation of every team

There is something to be said about the trust between a coach and an athlete. The strength of their relationship depends on the faith they have in each other.  University …

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Lap Swimming: Wonder Woman’s Secret Weapon

Everyone knows superheroes are athletic. They need to be able to leap, sprint and fly quickly and effortlessly— people’s lives depend on it. What some may not realize is during …

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High school swimming – How it prepares you for the future

Many US swimmers, past and present, think of high school swimming as one of the most energetic and exciting parts of their swimming career. The sportsmanship, camaraderie, and enthusiasm surrounding …

Written by: Michael Coiner 30 August '18 0
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Endurance training: Using equipment to your advantage

The sport of swimming requires a tremendous amount of endurance. From the block to the wall, it’s all about strength and getting maximum performance in the water. The hard part …

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The Head Game: Getting swimmers to think

For many swimmers, practice is just about putting in the yards. But for University of Virginia Head Coach Todd DeSorbo, there is much more to it than that. His coaching …

Written by: Michael Coiner 10 May '18 0