Lap Swimming: Wonder Woman’s Secret Weapon

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Written by: Michael Coiner at 13 September '18 0
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Everyone knows superheroes are athletic. They need to be able to leap, sprint and fly quickly and effortlessly— people’s lives depend on it. What some may not realize is during their downtime, superheroes train just like every other athlete. One of the best ways to cross train for lifesaving work is—you guessed it—swimming! The one and only Wonder Woman is a firm believer that time in the water is her secret weapon.

“Training in the water gives me an edge on the enemy,” says the heroine. “Whether it’s lifting a 25-ton boulder or sprinting at lightning speed to get from one place to another, swimming laps helps keep my muscles strong and my body loose for those activities.”

Just like every other club swimmer, Wonder Woman utilizes multiple training tools to help her maintain efficient technique. Her go-to swim gear for a superhero workout includes arena’s gold Powerfin Pro Fins and Superhero Collection Kickboard.

Leg strength is an important asset in Wonder Woman’s line of work. In addition to her golden wrist cuffs and Lasso of Truth, her matching gold Powerfin Pro Fins provide the advanced technology to help build leg strength and endurance. One drill she often uses is vertical kicking. While at the deep end of the pool, she will lift her arms into a streamline position (or for an added challenge, she will hold a weight) and kick small fast dolphin kicks for one minute, trying to keep her chest and upper body out of the water. After resting for 30 seconds, she repeats the set, and after six rounds, she switches to vertical flutter kick.

“Let me tell you, vertical kicking is a leg burner,” she says. “But in the end, it pays off.”

The first lady of superheroes pairs her gold fins with arena’s Superhero Collection Kickboard. Her board in particular is emblazoned with the symbol of her friend and co-founding member of the Justice League, Batman. She says it’s important to show her support for her fellow superheroes, both in the field and in the pool. The hand holds in the board allow her to switch between several different hand positions. Keeping her head above the water while kicking also allows her to keep an eye on her surroundings—a habit that is never lost on superheroes.

Like many swimmers, Wonder Woman doesn’t enjoy swimming alone. Occasionally, her Justice League partners Batman, Superman and Aquaman join her for her workouts. Of course, the obvious question is: “What’s it like swimming with someone like Aquaman?”

“He likes to show off sometimes, but generally, he helps set the pace for the group,” says Wonder Woman. “Aquaman makes a great training partner. He pushes you to go a little bit harder with each length.”

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Michael Coiner

Michael Coiner spent over a decade in the competitive swimming world. Her love for the sport drove her to compete through college. Now she lives the life of a “swammer” - hopping in the pool whenever she can, eager to tell her stories to other up-and-coming swimmers. She has always had a passion for writing and has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest in the United States and takes full advantage of the pristine outdoors that surround her home.