Author: Alessandro Bacchi

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How swimming can improve lives of disabled people

It is early in the morning and I meet Simone in the entrance hall of the swimming pool. He is seven years old but looks younger. Simone is a partially …

Written by: Alessandro Bacchi 10 March '16 0
Fitness & Wellness

Baby aged 0-3: Have fun in the water with your little ones!

I sometime tell those who come to the pool for the first time at a “certain” age that “It is never too late to come to the pool!” The same …

Written by: Alessandro Bacchi 27 February '16 0
Fitness & Wellness

Back Pain, Learn about the Benefits of Water!

Who can say they have never had at least once in their life a crippling back pain or one which prevented them from carrying out normal everyday activities? I think …

Written by: Alessandro Bacchi 23 September '15 0
Fitness & Wellness

Little swimmers grow up: Do you know everything about water safety?

How many times have you heard that “swimming is good for correcting children’s posture” or that “it is vital for children to strengthen their muscles”? All true, certainly, but swimming …

Written by: Alessandro Bacchi 9 August '15 0