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Improve your training with these training tools!

It is early in the morning, it is still dark and you are all alone in the water. You have a training session ahead ready for a forthcoming race. It …

Written by: Arena 4 June '15 0

The insiders guide to the arena Powerskin Carbon Series

Designed to acquaint you with the arena Powerskin Carbon Range of swimsuits, this neat infographic will help simplify the many features and benefits offered to you by both the Carbon Flex, Carbon-Pro and the …

Written by: Emily 9 February '15 0

Powerskin The Story

The year 2000 marked the start of full body competition swimsuits and the birth of the arena Powerskin Family. From the very first Powerskin, to today’s cutting edge Carbon Pro …

Written by: Emily 24 June '14 0

The insiders guide to arena Powerskin Carbon competition swimsuits

Hi guys, Do you want to know all about our Carbon competition swimsuits? If you answered yes, then lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. It has been …

Written by: Emily 7 March '14 0