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Open water swimming gear: 3 people standing on a beach
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Open-Water Swimming Gear: The Essential Items to Keep You Safe

It’s no secret that open-water swimming has become more popular in recent years. Open-water influencers have shown how liberating and enjoyable swimming outdoors can be. Plus, people have become more …

Written by: Thomas Board 3 May '22 0
Swimmer wearing an open water swimming wetsuit standing tall and proud
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What to Look For in an Open-Water Swimming Wetsuit

Open-water swimming allows you to participate in and enjoy swim training and competing in a whole new way. If you have access to lakes, ponds, or the ocean, you have …

Written by: Harrison Howarth 22 February '22 0
earplugs for swimming: pink earplugs
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What You Should Know About Using Earplugs for Swimming

Any physical activity has increased risks when performed regularly and swimming is no exception. In contact sports, more and more studies are showing the negative effects of hard hits to …

Written by: Thomas Board 17 November '21 0
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Activity trackers for swimming (part 2) – 5 questions to help you make the right choice

I have to confess: it took me longer than expected to get a proper grasp of what the market has to offer and what I myself really need (Do you …

Written by: Filippo Antoniello 20 September '16 0
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Do you really need an Activity Tracker for swimming?

“Without data you are just another opinion”. That was what was going round the head of our main character, as he hung desperately to the lane rope like a boxer …

Written by: Filippo Antoniello 15 July '16 0
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What is the Spektro Glide?

Andrea Di Nino is Head Coach and Technical Director of A.D.N Swim Project, the first European program for international swimmers. The mission of A.D.N is to offer their athletes with …

Written by: Andrea Di Nino 6 November '15 0
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Swim to the Music

As a “hardcore” swimmer I have never been particularly keen on anything other than a conventional swimming suit, swim cap and goggles. Nevertheless, because I am curious by nature, I …

Written by: arena coaches 17 April '15 0