Author: Michael Coiner

Swim Tech

The Racing Cap – An Underestimated Necessity

As swimmers, swim caps are our constant companions. After wearing them during practice day after day, you wonder why any sane person would go in the water without one? But …

Written by: Michael Coiner 15 March '18 0
Events & Competitions

Three tips to recover like a pro

We all know how it works. We train hour after hour, day after day for a championship meet that literally takes everything out of our bodies.  Once we’re finished, we …

Written by: Michael Coiner 9 February '18 0
A Swimmer's life

Winter Training Trips – Things to Remember

It’s that time of year again. Winter Training camps are just around the corner. While training in a new (and hopefully warm) place seems dreamy, it comes with some painful …

Written by: Michael Coiner 1 December '17 0