Author: Nicolas Vannier

Training & Technique

Be fast without rushing – Part Two

Butterfly & Breaststroke Turns How to improve your execution speed? Erwann Jacob, Guingamp’s coach, says: “to manage performing a quick and efficient turn, the swimmer has to learn to organize …

Written by: Nicolas Vannier 21 September '16 0
Training & Technique

Be fast without rushing – Part One

Butterfly & Breaststroke Turns The turn plays an essential role in the stroke. If well performed, it can help you gain speed on each of the transitions and therefore help …

Written by: Nicolas Vannier 14 September '16 0
Training & Technique

Butterfly, improve your endurance!

Swimmers often face the problem of trying to finish a 200m butterfly without living a near-death experience. These 3 drills will help you develop and increase your cardiovascular and respiratory …

Written by: Nicolas Vannier 3 November '13 0