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Core exercises for swimmers: woman wearing a hooded jacket while at the gym
Training & Technique

The Essential Core Exercises for Swimmers

All swimming strokes are designed to propel you in a straight line, whether that be forward with freestyle or backward with backstroke. Learning how to swim without any of your …

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Long course swimming workouts: swimmer with his head above water
Training & Technique

Going the Distance: Long Course Swimming Workouts

How you train matters. There’s no point aimlessly doing laps in the pool and hoping that quantity will equal quality when you enter a long-distance event. For swimmers who are …

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Stretching for swimmers: swimmers stretching by the pool
Training & Technique

Stretching for Swimmers to Help Avoid Injury

A good stretch before a workout will do your body wonders in any physical activity. Even though swimming is a low-impact sport, there is still a risk of injury, especially …

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Swimmer's headache: A swimmer wears an arena swim cap and goggles
Fitness & Wellness

Don’t Let Swimmer’s Headache Slow You Down

For most of us, swimming is a hobby, and for some of us, it’s a serious exertional sport that becomes a full-time career. If you swim for fun or for …

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swim workout for triathlon: swimmer standing on a beach
Triathlon & Open Water

Swim Workouts for Triathlons: Be Prepared to Go the Distance

Triathletes have a different nut to crack when it comes to their swim training. Triathlons and Ironmans are not easy swims, and they force swimmers into open water with hundreds …

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What is sculling in swimming: swimmer happily swinging her goggles
Training & Technique

What Is Sculling in Swimming, and Why Should You Do It?

Sculling may not be a recognized Olympic stroke, but it can be a serious training tool for swimmers of all levels. Learning sculling techniques can help you to perfect your …

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Swimmer adjusting his Open water swimming goggles
Swim Tech

What Makes Open-Water Swimming Goggles Different

Outdoor swimming offers swimmers a connection with nature that pool swimming just cannot provide. Are you a competitive swimmer or perhaps somebody that enjoys the improved mental health that open-water …

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A swimmer brings the top of his head out of the water while using nose plugs for swimming
Training & Technique

Nose Plugs for Swimming: All You Need to Know

When it comes to enjoying your hobby or water sport, it’s wise not to succumb to snobbery and purists. If a swimming accessory improves your results and helps you to …

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Breaststroke pull: person getting a breath while swimming
Training & Technique

Propel Yourself With a Stronger Breaststroke Pull

Breaststroke may seem like the most chilled out of all the swimming strokes. It is the go-to stroke for beginners, just behind the doggy paddle. Since it suits almost all …

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Freestyle pull: swimmer putting on goggles
Training & Technique

Update Your Training to Get a Freestyle Pull Like a Pro

For those of us that feel like we spend more time in the water than on land, swimming like an Olympian is the goal. Optimization is the key to improving …

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